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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Preston James, Ph.D -- Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Disposal Operations for American Soldiers

Top Secret Khazarian Mafia Disposal Operations for American Soldiers
By Preston James, Ph.D on July 10, 2016

Depleted uranium effects
You were never supposed to find out about this, ever
by  Preston James
[ Note: This is another VT exclusive. It’s disclosures like these that have made Veterans Today so popular among Special Forces and Intel Officers, and so hated by Khazarian Mafia Kingpins and their selected Doofus Cutouts who have been placed at the top levels of the USG to do their unimaginably evil, illegal and unconstitutional dirty work. ]
Those who hijacked the USG are running a long-term secret war against the American Soldier and this Disposal Operation is unimaginably evil, being run by soulless scum who are empowered by a foreign enemy within the Gates of America.
This high level KM program to systematically dispose of American Soldiers by a multiplicity of means includes:
Agent Orange; poison gas; and “clean team” operations against Vietnam POWs and MIAs; depleted uranium; toxic vaccines; “burn pits”; Stop-Loss clauses; deficient or non-existent medical care at a notably corrupt, criminal VA; high level VA policies to wrongly disarm Vets; and the continued use of some of the most sophisticated mind-kontrol used to generate continuing mass suicides in returning vets.
These are all Khazarian Mafia operations designed to weaken, disable, kill-off and reduce the power and effectiveness of the American Military.
Obviously when good American Soldiers are lied to and mind-kontrolled into serving themselves up as KM cannon-fodder and then later find out the truth, this often creates massive cognitive dissonance, PTSD, and suicidal depression.

And we now know for certain that sending American Soldiers to fight in these KM illegal wars of aggression often places them in daily, minute-by-minute “kill or be killed” situations. Once they start to figure this out, many crack at the seams and develop PTSD.
And when vets, many of whom served in combat and were wounded or disabled, seek care at the VA as is their right, many have their files sand-bagged and die before they get needed care.
The crooked scum running the VA continue in their indecently large salaries and lavish benefits, while enforcing twisted, evil policies designed to degrade vets, take away their freedom and rights and disarm them too.
What exactly is going on here?
WW1These massive and continuing misuses, and lethal and disabling abuses of the American Soldier are nothing new.
In WW1, they were knowingly deployed in another senseless war for the Khazarian Mafia, because of a special deal negotiated between the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (City of London) Bankers and the current US Administration to extend the Balfour declaration into a secret agreement to establish a new nation of Israel for the Khazarian Mafia’s personal sanctuary and base for its secret operations all over the world.
And we now know for certain that this long-term, ongoing policy of using up, disabling and generally weakening any American Soldiers used in these KM wars is part of an evil Globalist NWO Secret Agenda. This program is run by the “Select Few”, several unimaginably evil, wrinkled up old KM crime Kingpins, who sit at the top of the Establishment Hierarchy, a RICO-pyramid, organized-crime structure that has infested America since 1913.
How pathetic and unjust that we all allow just several, physically weak, cowardly and traitorous evil wrinkled up old men to secretly run America and use American Soldiers as cannon fodder whenever they want! And how easily this could be remedied by direct executive action by some heroes inside the system.
These days, jobs are uncertain, the weather’s uncertain, relationships and marriage have become uncertain, but one thing never changes — this pattern of using American Soldiers as KM cannon-fodder and then disabling and disposing of the rest — and you can be certain this will continue.
It will also likely become even become more salient unless the American Masses wake up, rise up at every single level inside and outside the USG, and put an absolute stop to it.
And what exactly is this ongoing certainty American Soldiers can expect from the USG and their Cutouts in the High US Military Command?
It’s the KM’s use of American Soldiers as cannon-fodder for their completely evil, inhuman, illegal, unConstitutional, undeclared, unprovoked, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars of aggression.
And these wars are ALWAYS fought to line the coffers of the Khazarian Mafia (KM) Kingpins and their Cutouts, their banks and their associated “no bid” defense contractors.
But there is more, oh so much more that Americans and American Soldiers can be certain of about these KM Disposal Operations. And all this is document-able if anyone takes the time to do some detailed Internet research from good sources.
If you think that all this needless death and disability of American Soldiers during and after deployment is all just a coincidence, then you are naive and have not examined all the available evidence which is legion.
I have listened to the stories of several important, very well-trained secret agents who worked in deep cover roles during the Cold War and served America valiantly and heroically, only to return to continuing surveillance, harassment through compromised employers, and very nasty Cointelpro-type ops done against them. This mystified them, because none of them had been disloyal in any way.
It turns out the problem was that they learned too much trade-craft, and if they ever connected the dots and decided to become activists (or more), then they could have exposed a lot and brought certain criminal operations to a standstill.
When you work in Intel as a field agent or NOC (No Official Cover), more often than not, things will be done to you occupationally, emotionally or socially to keep you in a weakened state, living hand to mouth. Quite often your pension will be jerked, as a part of this process.
And for these Intel who take their Oaths too seriously, or do their job too effectively, a preemptive strike will be usually brought against them, like what has been done with Susan Lindauer, Sibel Edmonds, Scott Bennett, and hundreds more.
The folks in high USG positions that keep accusing Snowden of harming American National Security are themselves the biggest criminal abusers of the system, as they falsely impose “national security” as a shield to cover up their own RICO crimes and other capital crimes.
It is a serious, and usually, a capital crime to falsely impose “national security”. These are the most dangerous criminals in America right now, and they need to be brought to justice and final judgment for their Treason, for serving a foreign-based enemy the KM who attacked America on 9-11-01.
Agent Orange use in Vietnam
AGENTORANGESPRAYING1Agent Orange was knowingly used as a defoliant with multiple purposes. One was to poison and weaken the enemy in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, as well as destroy their foliage.
Another purpose was to experiment with the effects on the genetics of American Soldiers planning to deploy the part of the defoliant against the American public and the whole world, if the effects were subtle but deadly enough.
Another purpose was to cause latent cancers in American Soldiers that would disable them as they became old, so they could never in any way rise up against the KM and its Establishment Hierarchy (EH).
Disposal Operations
Assassination of Special Ops Teams to protect criminal secrets of the Khazarian mafia string-pullers and top policy-makers that direct the American Military.
Doubt that these “Disposal Ops” exist as official secret USG policy? Well, do some basic research, and find out about how 11 of the 12 special Ops “Spooky Teams” were disposed of in South America after they completed operations to dispose of Cartel kingpins who had been challenging the CIA’s control.
SPECIALOPS1These Spooky Teams had been given special scalar radios, which secretly had remote-controlled Semtex bombs inside; they were told to gather closely around the radios for a special message, and then the explosive was detonated by a special satellite radio signal.
The rest not murdered by the bomb detonation were murdered by helicopter-based “clean teams”, with automatic cannon fire.
One of the 12 teams for some reason sensed trouble, and refused to gather around the radio, and left — all going in different directions. Most were able to escape, but had to live on the lam with false identities as they had been trained, from that time on.
Or take the now notorious case of Seal Team Six, the special ops team that supposedly killed Osama bin Laden, when they actually murdered an innocent look-a-like. At the scene, their helicopter was blown up, killing them to make sure they never talked.
The rest of their direct associates, also Navy Seals, who were there were surveilled, and phone recordings suggested that they were increasingly concerned and were going to become a problem, so they were instructed to get on an old two-rotor National guard helicopter, and were then blown out of the sky to keep them from talking.
As many special op teams now realize, unless you create blackmail files that can be widely disseminated upon your strange, unexpected death (i.e. “Arkencide”), you are highly at risk to be disposed of, like Operation Red Rock in Vietnam, where the special ops were supposed to all end up dead.
UFOVIETNAM1The only known published photo of a Whitestar UFO in Vietnam. An AF officer told me that the penalty for disclosing this secret was death. He was at a secret base in Cambodia where opium shipments were made under cover at night, and they were told to turn their backs and not look. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a disc-shaped UFO land silently, and Opium was loaded on. The cover story was that it was a helicopter specially equipped for secret night landings, but that was a big lie.
Or like Operation Whitestar, where UFOs were landed in special ops camps at night to haul opium out to Japan for processing. Many involved were captured and help in NVA POW camps.
When the war ended, Kissinger convinced Nixon that all the remaining POWs and MIAs in NVA custody must be murdered to keep them from talking about the top secret, massive opium operations. First mind-kontrolled sniper teams were sent in to pick them off. They had been told these were American traitors who divulged Secrets and committed Treason.
When that didn’t work, poison gas was sprayed by carrier-based aircraft from wing-mounted canisters. This story was provided by Admiral Thomas Moorer on 60 Minutes, but was officially denied. It was officially called Operation Tailwind.
When that operation failed, and satellite photos shows special coded messages from Americans still alive in North Vietnam, this was completely suppressed by Senator John McCain and his KM-owned compatriots.
This crime by McCain is evil beyond imagination, and he has never been brought to justice and final judgment for this, nor for starting and supporting the CIA-created ISIS with “Mrs. light on his loafers”, the notorious “closeted” Zionist, Senator Lindsay Graham.
Burn Pits
These were used in Vietnam and every other subsequent KM war. They have been used extensively at Area 51, Papoose Lake and many other above-top-secret, deep black or beyond black DOD contractor facilities. The excuse has always been that it is done to keep potential enemies from analyzing their garbage and learning about these super-secret, Alien ET technology development centers, where they back-engineered crashed and recovered Alien ET anti-gravity craft.
Date: February 4, 2013 — U.S. Army soldiers watch highly toxic garbage burn in a burn-pit at Forward Operating Base Azzizulah in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan
A major lawsuit was brought by those who worked at Area 51 and who had become very ill. The USG would not even acknowledge that Area 51 existed until later on, and a crooked judge threw out their case under the false-cloak of so-called “national security” that was invoked.
Thousands know that the CIA’s Janet Airlines flies plane loads of employees into Area 51 each work day. It’s a poorly kept secret, but so typical of the everyday lies that the KM spins against the American People. And such lies should always be expected, because the USG is a large RICO criminal entity that has been infiltrated and completely hijacked by the Khazarian Mafia (KM).
It has recently been published from reputable investigators that Burn Pits were used in the KM’s Gulf wars, especially the last one. Many returning vets are now developing strange disorders and cancers because of it, and this was all planned by the KM, and 100% approved by Cheney and Rumsfeld.
Because there is so much compartmentalization among the US Military, especially the high ranking officers, very few actually knew of this program, and most accepted the lies that served as cover stories. Only now are the true facts about the extent of the medical damage coming out, and the overall picture is very, very tragic.
Depleted Uranium
During the 1950’s, US Army manuals claimed that Depleted Uranium was highly toxic and should never be used in projectiles on the battle field. The use of DU at that time would have been considered a war crime.
Later on, a serious problem developed with the disposal of Depleted Uranium from the Nuclear power-plants in America which, like Fluoride, had become a toxic waste and very expensive to dispose of. Some very evil, crafty KM Cutouts decided that not only could these product become easy to dispose of, but they could be sold for vast profits.
Fluoride was a toxic waste of uranium processing, aluminum smelting and gypsum manufacturing. Big lies were spun using some crooked, highly paid off Medical and Dental experts who claimed that adding Fluoride to the water would diminish dental cavities to almost zero, if not zero.
What these bought-off liars neglected to tell the public was that Fluoride was originally used as a rat poison, and was even in small doses an effective tranquilizing and dumbing-down de-motivator of humans, and that it was added to the water in Nazi work camps and Russian Gulags, which reduced the number of guards by 90% who were needed to prevent rebellion and escapes.
Depleted Uranium was treated the same way as Fluoride. It was converted by well-paid, professional liars from its true nature as a Toxic waste to a safe, highly profitable product to be sold and deployed.
We now know that numerous American Soldiers who handled these DU rounds have received toxic exposures to radiation, and that background levels of DU in the war theater have also proved quite toxic to many America Soldiers.

What are the American Soldier Disposal Ops being deployed by the Khazarian Mafia (KM) really all about?
Why is the Khazarian Mafia (KM) killing-off, disabling and weakening vets returning from their illegal, inhuman, unConstitutional foreign wars of aggression, wars to fulfill the Globalist NWO Agenda and their “Greater Israel” Plan?
The reason is the same reason as to why the KM is running other secret Terra-forming operations, like the rampant use of Glyphosates to covertly poison humans. It’s the same reason the KM is using secret DOD contractors to spray incredibly toxic chem-trails into the skies, using chemicals such as barium, nano-aluminum, haemophilus influenzae, and other quite strange compounds.
The actual reason the KM has been running these multi-faceted Disposal operations against American Soldiers is the same reason they deploy Doofus Cutouts to enact their policies of “Divide and Conquer” inside America.
Its purpose is to keep the American people weak and dis-empowered so they cannot rise up, kick out the KM, and take America back under We The People’s control, the way it was before the KM infiltrated America and hijacked it in 1913 under the money power of the foreign Rothschild Khazarian Mafia “City of London” private central banking franchise.
Yes, these disposal Ops are all programs the KM feels are vital to their very survival and for maintaining their illicit hold on America’s institutions, including the Administration, the Judiciary and Congress.
This American Soldier Disposal Op is an ongoing op designed to help the Khazarian Mafia (KM) attain its unimaginably evil Globalist NWO Agenda, which requires a 90% kill off of the human race, including Americans, massive Terra-forming to destroy the air, the seas, the water and the soil — all part of an insane Alien ET-inspired plan.

SPECTRE in 1960s Bond movies
And now for the real reason behind all this, which is so evil, it is unfathomable and unimaginable. The Select few are the top controllers of the Khazarian Mafia and sit in its notorious “Circle of Twelve” and control their evil, criminally insane Establishment Hierarchy, which it seems like, is the group “SPECTRE”, right out of a James Bond movie.
The Select Few have been taken over by evil entities, some call them Demons, fallen angels, or bad Djinns. Whatever they are, they are unimaginably evil, alleged to be negative energy vampires.
These energy vampires are alleged to feed off individual human death and suffering, and mass-death and mass-suffering, all directly and indirectly caused by the Khazarian Mafia and its Cutouts through human sacrifice, child sacrifice, pedophilia and torture.
When the KM Kingpins and Cutouts sacrifice human blood for these evil entities (individually or en masse), these evil entities provide large rewards of vast wealth, great power, status and privilege. The entities, which some insiders call “non-corporeal”, can allegedly shape-shift and cross through different dimensions, appearing as corporeal spirit guides or consiglieres that advise them on how to defeat enemies, and what to do to receive more riches, power and status.
What is the bottom line to all this?
The bottom line is that, despite what so many claim about all Alien ETs being benevolent beings, the truth is that the World is now under Alien ET attack at many levels; and their tools and point of entry is the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).
And the USG has been hijacked, and the American Military is being used as the military strike force to destroy nations, in order to attain the Globalist NWO “one World” Plan, aka the “Greater Israel Plan”.
The CIA is being used, along with Israel, to synthetically create and generate massive terrorism all over the world, with the goal of justifying the large buildup of more and more centralized USG-run Military force, and to justify the creation of DHS, which is the consolidation of all American Alphabets and Law Enforcement, in order to allow the KM to easily run it all with a few of their Kingpins at the top of their Pyramidal Hierarchy.
What then are all good Americans to do to counteract this and take American back?
The Khazarian Mafia cannot continue their operations without the consent of the American masses. That is why they spend billions of taxpayer money mind-kontrolling the American masses through big lies, false-narratives and USG/Establishment propaganda, using their Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM) an illegal monopoly with an illegal News cartel at its center.
In order for the Khazarian Mafia to be able to continue these anti-American Soldier Disposal Operations, these operations must remain in abject secrecy. If they are completely exposed, Americans will rise up at every level and, by use of hundreds of different methods, will kick these KM “enemies without the gates of America” out of America. And they will probably use swift military trials to indict, try, convict and execute hundreds of them and take back their Republic.
Why would the use of military trials be appropriate for these criminally insane minsters walking free among us?
The reason is obvious. The whole Khazarian Mafia Disposal Operation for American Soldiers is an ongoing act war, and all done by a foreign-based espionage group, run by the KM inside America.
Major blow-back is coming in many different forms. Right now, the US Petro-dollar is falling, despite the fact it has been temporarily propped up, because many of the world’s other currencies are falling faster. But this is temporary, because we now see the new banking and trading systems gaining influence by the day.
We have the BRICS, the AIIB the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization), the Silk Road railroad project and the new Chinese Swift-type money wire system.
From all indications, the USA is headed for a financial cliff, while the whole world goes through a major financial reset. This means we will likely see a end to the use of the US Petro Dollar as the world’s Reserve Currency, and the rise of the rest of the World against the RKM and its private banking system, of which the American private Federal Reserve System is a franchisee of.
As the American economy continues to crumble, and as extreme daily suffering in the struggle for basic survival becomes the new norm, you can bet the American people will want the blood of the KM and their Kingpins and Cutouts. They will rise up at every level in America against these criminally insane arch enemies of all good Americans, and will bring them to justice and final judgment, one way or another.
American Soldiers who are busy fighting, dying, or becoming wounded and disabled while fighting foreign wars for the Khazarian Mafia cannot defend America from any entity that declares war on America, secret or otherwise. And as many now realize, since 1913 when the USG was infiltrated and hijacked, the USG has been waging a secret war against America and the American people on behalf of the City of London-based Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM).
The KM’s secret Disposal Ops for American Soldiers has killed off many, wounded and disabled many and cause millions to remain ill, many with worsening poorly treated illnesses caused by this secret disposal program. Those American Soldiers who are not disabled or killed-off are carefully vetted… those who have shown themselves to be soulless pure sociopaths are then selected out for Blackwater-type mercenary or secret special ops work, also as disposable pawns on the KM chessboard.
And if the American Masses ever fully wake up, rise up at every level and rebel against the KM foreign-based enemy within the gates of America, the KM believes that a diminished, weakened, sick military run by generals and Admirals who are sexually and financially compromised and controlled will prevent any serious revolt or coup d’état by the American Military.
And a coup d’état is long overdue, and well deserved by these unimaginably evil, completely inhuman scum – the KM and their Kingpins and Cutouts.
Believe it or not, there is good reason to believe that there is a first cause, a Creator of the Universe and all matter. And fortunately, it turns out God Almighty has set up “Rules of Play” which the evil parasite Alien ETs and their KM Kingpins and their Cutouts must obey.
In order for the KM’s Kingpins and Cutouts to be able to advance their evil Globalist NWO Agenda, the consent of the American masses must be gained.
To do this deception, big lies, false-narratives, propaganda must be dispensed by the Controlled Major Mass Media (CMMM), and basic mind-kontrol must be used on the masses.
The Khazarian Mafia’s deep desire is to destroy America the Republic forever and to Balkanize it, followed by folding its remains into their Globalist NWO One World System — their age-old Agenda and dream for mankind. The KM Kingpins know that, in order to attain their Globalist NWO Agenda, they must dis-empower American males of all ages and make it impossible for them to ever defend America from the “Enemy Within” and from any KM-owned foreign invader.
The KM has taken measures to make sure the American Police never turn against them. They have created DHS and consolidated all American Alphabets and Law Enforcement, and mind-kontrolled them to fear the public, which has been dirtied up and criminalized by all the KM’s CIA drugs trafficked into the large American Urban centers.
When the KM proceeds to start an expected civil war or civil rebellion as a pretext to declare Martial law to finally gain complete control over America, those Police that don’t die in combat with American gun owners will be assisted by NATO, UN and foreign mercenaries, and back-shot to eliminate them too, because they are Americans. The KM wants to eradicate all able-bodied American men who have the potential to fight them at some point.
If too many Americans learn the truth and wake up, this KM mind-kontrol spell will be broken, and the masses will rise up at every level and rebel against the KM, its Kingpins, Cutouts and top Policy-makers.
The worldwide Internet is the wildcard here, and it has attained such a high level of penetration in providing truth nuggets even among so many KM disinformation websites, that it is too late to stop its exposures. Even if the KM decides to completely take down the Internet or make it restricted with a two-tiered or completely censored system, there will be extensive blow-back that will bring those responsible into view as public enemies that must be taken down one-way or another, no matter what.
As the American Sleeping Giant, We The People, awakes more and more each day, thanks to the Internet, watch the Khazarian Mafia’s unimaginably evil system be exposed; and watch these inhuman, demon-infested monstrous criminals be taken down from their elite status to become hunted war criminals and recognized enemies of all mankind and the whole world.

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