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Joachim Hagopian -- Why US Military Weapons Always End up in Enemy Hands: Pure Stupidity or By Intentional Design?

Friday, July 1, 2016
Why US Military Weapons Always End up in Enemy Hands: Pure Stupidity or By Intentional Design?

The bitter irony continues. While the latest over-the-top ploy to confiscate our guns domestically has the feds sloppily staging yet another mass shooting with 
no proof anyone died in Orlando - the biggest in US history at that, overseas they can’t seem to give away US guns and arms fast enough to America’s so called enemies. What’s up with that? 

In the latest “we can’t find our weapons” saga, this time it’s the CIA’s turn to embarrassingly admit that a 2013 secret arms deal with our Middle East buddy Saudi Arabia that goes by the code name Timber Sycamore has gone awry the last three years. It seems that millions of dollars’ worth of lethal weapons that were supposed to end up in possession of those “moderate Syrian rebels,” you know the “good guy” terrorists fighting ISIS [and Assad] in Syria, were “misplaced” onto the black market by way of Jordanian intelligence officers in charge of delivering the goods who covertly support the Sunni Islamic State terrorists. In another episode of Fast and Furious Part Two, US supplied guns were once again used to kill Americans. Government officials this week admitted that those same missing weapons are believed to have been used last November to kill two Americans and three others at a police training facility in Amman, Jordan. It’s déjà vu all over again for the sandal-ridden Obama administration, reminiscent of ATF’s clandestine Fast and Furious operation’s infamously trafficking 2,000 guns to the Mexican drug cartel that later murdered an American Border Patrol agent and scores of innocent Mexican civilians.

The US government seems cluelessly inept at being able to either convincingly pull off a false flag or keep track of its vast amount of lethal weapons going abroad only to wind up in thewrong hands murdering Americans. This article will include a capsulized nutshell presenting Washington’s rather long and dubious history of such disastrous folly. It will illuminate the catastrophic consequences caused by either US gross incompetence or by maleficent grand design that either way in large part has led to the latest arms race currently responsible for making our planet more armed and dangerous than any previous time in human history.

This latest scam is alleged to involve a Jordanian lieutenant colonel as the gun smuggling kingpin regularly siphoning off guns from US shipments as they arrived in Jordan since 2013, delivering only a portion to designated drop off points to US backed “moderate” rebels fighting in Syria, while secretly selling off the rest to a thriving black market that in turn sold to ISIS and other so called “bad” terrorists. His cadre of corrupt Jordanian officers were getting rich off their gun smuggling operation buying expensive items like SUV’s, iPhones and all the latest hi-tech toys, while unloading thousands of US made rocket grenade launchers, mortars, Kalashnikov automatic weapons and small arms for the right price to various terrorists and militants at the local arms bizarre.

This week’s breaking scandal involving the CIA program funded out of the deep pocketed “discretionary budget” follows just months on the heels of last year’s Congressional approvedPentagon bust costing taxpayers a half billion dollars in a failed training program of so called moderate rebels. The ambitious plan to train 5,400 soldiers fell drastically short by 5,340. Then out of those few dozen who did complete the training, all either ran away under the first fire they received, giving up their US supplied equipment to al Qaeda or jumping ranks over to the ISIS/al Nusra side, leaving a paltry four or five fighters when all was said and done. Less than six months later the Pentagon’s at it again, training “dozens” more in yet another program carrying out the US military motto, if you don’t succeed the first time (as in the first counterinsurgency war defeat in Southeast Asia), you keep trying and failing again (Afghanistan), and again (Iraq) and again in Syria.

After Putin joined the real fight to destroy the Islamic State terrorists in Syria, and in the face of the failed US training effort, last October sending Obama and his Pentagon reeling and shifting the US objective to supplying “moderate” rebels with arms, airdropping 50 tons of small arms ammo and grenades to rebels on the ground in northern Syria, ostensibly to fight against ISIS. Considering the fact that the US created and has supported ISIS terrorists consistently for the last several years, then suddenly last fall in reaction to Putin’s intervention in Syria, we’re now supposed to believe the US changed both its own combat mission and the strategic objective for all its US backed rebel factions classified under the so called Syrian Arab Coalition to actually start shooting at ISIS? So they go from one day previously fighting alongside and supporting ISIS as allies opposing their common enemy the Assad forces, to the very next day doing an abrupt about-face and begin killing ISIS. That supposition remains extremely doubtful and suspicious, particularly since the only real US mission for many years in Syria had been to use ISIS and every other group available to oust the Assad government. More evidence of the feds’ disingenuous efforts to destroy ISIS was their refusal to join forceswith Putin who was actually destroying them.

The Russians aren’t buying it as they continue conducting air strikes against both ISIS as well as the neocons’ so called moderate rebels. Even former US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford admits the so called moderate groups US is backing are so closely aligned with al Nusra and ISIS, a terrorist is a terrorist is a terrorist. Russia defines terrorists by their actions, if they commit acts of terror, regardless of name, they’re considered terrorists.

Keep in mind that it was not just Islamic State jihadists who were committing atrocities on civilian populations. From 2012 to 2014 the US backed Syrian Free Army and various other US supported al Qaeda affiliates equipped with US arms were regularly engaging in ethnic andreligious purging of thousands of Christians in both Syria and Iraq. And let us not forget that it was the US backed rebels in August 2013 that used Saudi supplied chemical weapons on the civilians in the Damascus suburb Ghouta that Obama attempted to use as his false flag to launch air strikes in Syria and potentially trigger world war with Russian and Chinese warships poised at the ready to defend their Syrian ally.

Of course for nearly a half century the Bush-Clinton-Obama regimes created and have been covertly supporting al Qaeda, ISIS and al Nusra terrorism in both the Middle East and around the world, from 9/11 to Madrid, London, Paris and Brussels to Chattanooga, San Bernardino and Orlando. Under the neocon regime change policy any and all mercenary jihadist thugs in the region, regardless of their deplorable human rights record, committed to getting rid of Syrian president Assad have been faithfully rewarded with a constant supply of made-in-USA weaponry.

As long as a nation’s leader professes to be against any group or nation on US Empire’s shit list, be it Russia, China, Iran, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Palestinian Hamas, Libya, Yemen, Syria, it’s carte blanche from the biggest arms peddler in the world. This strategy’s been around a long time. Back in the cold war era, all you had to do was claim that you hated Communists and Washington was instantly your generous friend. Generally it’s simply sharing the same common enemy that gets rewarded with US weapons. Or in the case of Israel, it’s not only sharing common enemies, it’s sharing an identical foreign policy. Hence, the already obscene US tax paid military aid to Israel will likely be going up from just over $3 billion to $4 billion each year starting in 2018. Rewarding the apartheid butcher of Palestinians with the biggest military aid package in US history again at struggling US taxpayers’ expense is an abomination of decency and good sense. And since this article’s about US arms ending up in the wrong hands, it’s one more shameful fact. In the Middle East and North Africa, Western imperialism and the Greater Israel Project have for many decades been stoking the fire, utilizing the old divide and conquered Sunni vs. Shia conflict for maintaining the status quo of US-Israel full spectrum dominance.

Especially in the last few years Washington’s pro-Israel neocons have put their money (actually our money) on Wahhabi extremist Sunnis from Saudi Arabia and other corrupt, oil rich monarchy Gulf States like Qatar and United Arab Emirates, generally backing nations with a Sunni majority forever committed to opposing nations like Iran and Iraq where a Shia majority make up the population, including nations with a sizeable near or half Shia population like Yemen and Lebanon. Syria’s Assad is an Alawite, a Shia subgroup minority that’s long been in the Empire’s regime change crosshairs. A strategic pattern has long been in place for preserving the US-Israel hegemonic stranglehold over the entire region by keeping Arab nations weak, divided and constantly fighting amongst themselves, thoroughly exploiting sectarian conflict and violence between the Middle East’s Shia minority and Sunni majority, especially where none existed before.

In fact every secular nation in the Middle East and North Africa where historically peaceful relations prevailed between various Islamic factions – Iraq under Saddam, Libya under Muammar and Syria under Assad, all have come under direct attack by US Empire-NATO led military bombing campaigns, invasions, protracted war occupations and/or proxy wars carried out by US allied terrorists.  And then wherever US-Israel-Saudi puppet dictators are overthrown and replaced as in Yemen last year by a Shia Houthi government holding a farstronger legitimate claim to represent the Yemeni people, yet another illegal proxy war erupts with the Saudi Sunni led coalition perpetrating crimes against humanity with relentless Saudi and Israeli air strikes, a UN arms embargo sanctioning 1,200 Gulf State bombings of Yemeni civilians in its first year of war, and a ground force invasion by more ISIS-al Qaeda terrorists, Gulf State mercenaries and as of May US boots on the ground with 200 Marines and 100 Army Rangers.

And of course it was only last year that the US Pentagon confessed that more than a half billion dollars in US military aid meant for the US backed Hadi dictatorship ended up in the hands of the neocon enemy the Houthis that had just overrun the corrupt puppet government capital in February.

Then there was that other “hidden” Hillary-Obama gun slinging operation that resulted in four Americans dying in Benghazi on another 9/11. The treasure trove of looted gold, silver and the enormous weapons cache belonging to deposed Libyan leader Gaddafi for running a too prosperous, secular nation that was in process of uniting Africa behind his Gold Dinar defying the central banking monopoly’s US dollar as standard currency was at the heart of the West’s intervention and Benghazi operation. A declassified Hillary email earlier this year proved what we already knew – Gaddafi was murdered because he rocked the boat of the central banking system. The murdered Ambassador Christopher Stevens had been deployed away from the Tripoli embassy to the remote unprotected eastern Benghazi compound by his boss Hillary (despite repeated Stevens’ requests for increased security) to be the front man supervising the highly illegal weapons trade smuggling Gaddafi’s arsenal from the port of Benghazi to Turkey and onto the Syrian battlefield to wage their proxy war against Assad forces. That illicit 2012 operation took place within days after Obama defied his Defense Intelligence Agency’s warning about the risk of backing an Islamic caliphate terrorist group (later named ISIS) as the latest mutated terrorist US proxy ally deployed against Assad.

Unfortunately the typical whitewash came out on Tuesday this week with Benghazi Committee’s 800-page final report. It fails to even mention the pink elephant in the scandalous Benghazi room that I wrote about over two years ago. Hillary’s State Department was providing the cover to smuggle Gaddafi’s stolen weapons to Syria. The only news was no news - nobody in Washington bothered to order any military assistance to intervene despite several available options in Djibouti, Sicily and Croatia. AFRICOM commander General Hamm had alerted all US forces in the region on standby awaiting the order that apparently never came. Despite eyewitness testimony from CIA contractors in the nearby annex insisting Hillary explicitly gave a stand down order, the Benghazi report omits any mention of that. As usual like her severe breach of security emails and the Clinton trail of nonstop criminal scandals, it appears that the illegal nature of this Hillary-Obama-Petraeus scheme will also go unpunished, once again reflecting the morally corrupted system that continues protecting the terrorists behind the terrorists.

As if the horrendous track record for US weapons of mass destruction slipping into enemy hands isn’t irresponsibly hazardous enough, Obama’s Export Control Reform Initiative rolled out in October 2013 has only made the likelihood that ISIS, other terrorist groups and rogue nations seizing control over devastating nuclear bombs and wide array of other WMD’s that much stronger. It created a bureaucratic loophole that facilitates three dozen “friendly” nation allies like Saudi Arabia to not need specific licenses to purchase arms. And we know now that the US and so called allies like Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the biggest Middle East supporters (along with Israel) of Islamic State terrorism.

The current risk of WMD’s falling into the wrong hands doesn’t include the 32 older atom bombs lost during the cold war period from 1950-1980 when US bombers carrying nuclear bombs went down in crashes… like the one lost in the Arctic ice of Greenland in 1968, or the 1966 bomber accident that radiated the now seacoast resort of Palomares, Spain, or the atom bomb sitting underwater 12 miles off the Savannah, Georgia coastline after a bomber collided midair with a fighter jet, or the more than a dozen laying on the ocean floor of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. But the more than a dozen “broken arrow” land sites pose far more danger of eventual detonation.

In recent years we also know there have been numerous incidents of nuclear warheads and enriched uranium suddenly gone missing to unknown whereabouts. After the Islamic State terrorists overran Iraq’s second largest city Mosul a couple years ago, they stole over 40 kg of uranium compounds stored at the University of Mosul. In another incident in southern Iraq,radioactive material stolen last November from an American oilfield services company was found three months later nine miles away. It’s now well documented how Israel smuggled anywhere from a ton to three tons of enriched uranium from the small town Pennsylvania Apollo plant in 1965 to covertly develop its nuclear arsenal, leaving the town’s residents to this day dying early deaths from radioactive exposure. In 2013 UK’s health and safety authorities revealed at least 30 incidents of lost or stolen radioactive material over the preceding decade, and that’s just in UK. The number worldwide that fail to ever get reported must be off the charts.

Just to gain a perspective on the global scale of missing nuclear and radioactive material reported to the Incident and Trafficking Database (ITDB) during the years it’s been tracking from 1993 through 2015, 2,889 incidents were reported within the 131 nations participating. Of these, 454 involved unauthorized possession and related activities, 762 involved theft or loss and 1,622 involved “other” unauthorized activities. Three cases of stolen highly enriched uranium and three cases involved theft of plutonium neutron sources were reported, some involving attempts to sell and transport across international borders. These numbers demonstrate the very real danger that in the wrong hands a catastrophic outcome is possible if not probable. And again, these are only the reported cases. Add nuclear accidents to the mix like Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, Fukushima and odds for even worst disasters in the future increase as the 442 power plants currently operating in the world reach their 30-year lifespan limit.

During both the Bush and Obama administrations unauthorized movement of nuclear warheads were uncovered. An incident in 2013 without any paperwork involved a transfer from a Texas military base by truck to Charleston, South Carolina. The fact that this was discovered at the height of Obama’s Syrian chemical weapons false flag crisis in early September on the same day that South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham warned that Charleston could be nuked at any time should raise high suspicion. The Cheney-Bush 2007 incident was a secret, off-the-books decision most likely made by Cheney to move six armed warheads from a base in North Dakota to Louisiana during another neocon call for “bombs over Iran.” One warhead along the way was never accounted for. And these are the ones that were leaked to the public. “Mysterious” deaths began surfacing of military personnel directly involved in the 2007 incident. How many other secret exchanges have there been that are still tightly under wraps?

To add credence to the probability that Obama is purposefully allowing lethal weapons to find their way into the wrong hands to further undermine and destroy America’s national security, noted retired General Paul E. Vallely has this to say:

Obama is intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing the U.S. as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.

The more than 200 generals and admirals fired by this commander-in-chief is unprecedented.

With nearly 8-years of Obama’s wide open border policy, given the task by his globalist puppet masters to take down America, the Manchurian president has treasonously made it that much easier. It seems only a matter of time before WMD’s come home to roost on a large American city or two. According to a former head of the British Army’s Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear regiment, Islamic State will “inevitably” construct or acquire weapons of mass destruction and the question is not if but when.

Looking at the bigger picture, just three years ago the US war making industry sold three quarters of the world’s arms - $66.3 billion worth, dwarfing Russia as the #2 weapons peddler at just $4.8 billion. And that $66.3 billion in 2013 jumped from just $21.4 billion in US arms sales in 2010. Compound that with the rise in Empire aggression and its insistence on unipolar power throughout the world and, as a consequence, Russia’s been driven to step up and compete with the US, increasing its share of arms sales to one quarter of the world market just in the last half decade (2011-2015) alone, lowering in just two years the US share from supplying ¾ to just one third of the total market despite a 27% increase in US sales. Under the Obama regime US arms sales have skyrocketed worldwide, ushering in the biggest arms race in human history. By far the biggest arms buyers have recently been Asian countries where US pivot and China asserting its regional power have increased tensions and high risk confrontation.

With the US unilaterally declaring Russia and China as renewed cold war enemies, for their own survival, those two nations have defensively tried matching America’s lust for war making power and destruction. And as a direct result of Empire’s growing threat and global aggression in recent years, both China and Russia’s military budgets have soared. China in the last decade has increased its military spending by a whopping 132% while Russia by 91%. Perhaps most disturbing of all is, as of last year the US allied rogue state that’s presently committing war crimes in Yemen - Saudi Arabia - actually surpassed Russia’s budget becoming the world’s third largest military spender with an increase of 97% in the last ten years.

The US Empire’s war machine has been responsible for so much damage around the world. But nowhere is it more apparent than in Iraq where war after war after war in every decade since 1980 has left it a toxic waste dump between the depleted uranium, white phosphorus and wasteland rubble. In recent years it’s come to light that old cyanide canisters of outlawed US chemical weapons supplied to Iraq three decades ago still lay in old bunkers on turf taken over and now controlled by ISIS. Back in 1983 Reagan sent Rumsfeld to meet with Saddam toarrange the sale of various US biological warfare viruses like anthrax and bubonic plague as well as US chemical weapons. And this occurred when Iran was gaining the military edge after Reagan the year before had made a US arms deal with Iran, once again deploying the go-to formula of divide and conquer. Also just like with Kuwait a decade later, the US gave Saddam Hussein more US weapons and the greenlight to invade enemy Iran in another US proxy war that lasted eight long bloody years killing a million more Muslims.

In Libya after the 2011 NATO bombing, the US-NATO gave its blessings to al Qaeda militants to do its proxy war bidding to track down and murder Gaddafi who possessed 20,000 portableshoulder held missiles capable of shooting down airplanes. Thousands may still be in ISIS and other local militants’ possession. Others have surfaced in Mali, Nigeria, Syria and Sinai. With the missiles small enough to easily be smuggled, high risk that they can still be used to shoot down military or commercial aircraft flying over Africa and Europe remain. In fact, in January 2014 an ISIS affiliated group used one of these shoulder missiles to take down a helicopter in Egypt and then last October the same ISIS group is believed to have planted the bomb on the Russian airliner killing all 224 Russians on board over the Sinai desert. In a related account, two beltway attorneys with alleged Benghazi witness intelligence contacts claim that 400 US surface-to-air missiles that are also used to take down planes were stolen during the Benghazi compound attack. This seems plausible since Hillary and Obama at the time were trafficking weapons from Benghazi to the Syrian civil war.

Other air and sea shipments of weapons to Libya in 2011 from US Gulf State allies Qatar and United Arab Emirates, both known to be fervent ISIS supporters and financiers, were sent to Islamic militants with Obama’s blessing. Though government officials deny that they were US made, an American arms dealer was permitted license to sell to Qatar. In all likelihood, it was a similar scenario as the latest embarrassing headline over “misdirected” weapons in Jordan.

When the US government attempts to detach itself by using Gulf State allies as middlemen, it hardly hides the fact that the US supplies Islamic terrorists with weapons since Osama’s mujahedeen days of 1980’s Afghanistan. Through CIA, Pentagon and State Department connections, US arms, ammo, combat equipment, money, food, medicine as well as advisors have all been covertly given to al Qaeda, ISIS and a host of other smaller local terrorist militants for a near half century. Washington’s two biggest Middle Eastern Islamic players -Saudi Arabia and Turkey – have been the neocons’ primary suppliers of support to the terrorists. Americans need to ultimately accept the dirty truth, that neocon traitors operating inside the US government have betrayed them, sponsoring terrorism and wars around the world, including terrorism on US soil.

That’s why the October 2014 airdrop in Syria that caught a burst of wind to end up in ISIS’ grubby hands was no accident or anomaly as the Washington Post claimed. The Pentagon spokesman even covered his ass insisting that the airdrop supplies were immediately destroyed by a US air strike once it was determined that it failed to reach its intended ground force target the Kurds near Kobane. The US could lie and claim an accident once but four months later when Iraqi security forces shot down a US Apache helicopter caught red-handed delivering weapons and foodstuffs to the Islamic State jihadists, the wind gust excuse was no longer an option. Several weeks later wiretapped ISIS communications again confirmed that US was supplying the enemy terrorists in Iraq with food and weapons. To observers on the ground in Iraq, it was more than obvious whose side the US was/is on. A month before the helicopter intercept, an Iraqi parliament member stated emphatically:

The international coalition is only an excuse for protecting the ISIL and helping the terrorist group with equipment and weapons.

Another Iraqi MP stated:

The US led coalition… is not serious fighting against ISIL organization, because they have the technological power to determine the presence of ISIL gunmen and destroy them in one month.

Less than a year later Putin in Syria was demonstrating the veracity of the above statement by actually deploying real air strikes to destroy ISIS, its pirated oil as its primary funding source and in well less than a month 40% of the terrorist infrastructure.

Among the most infamously iconic and humiliating moments in recent history for the US has to be that endless Islamic State caravan of brand new US furnished Toyota trucks driving southward across the Iraq desert towards Mosul in June 2014. Iraqi forces suddenly abandoned their stations in Mosul including all their US issued weapons, vehicles and equipment and simply ran away. One fourth of the Iraqi fighting force evaporated into thin air just like that, which raises suspicion in and of itself. But then Obama pretended that his CIA intelligence was completely caught off guard and never saw ISIS coming. Bullshit.

After Iraqi President Maliki had banned a US military presence in Iraq as soon as the final American troops departed in December 2011, the US was looking for an excuse to reestablish its foothold in the country and get rid of floundering Maliki who as a Shiite had played out his part promoting a sectarian civil war. So the terrorists were allowed to invade Iraq to accomplish US objectives. The ISIS invasion also allowed Obama a backdoor into Syria with launching airstrikes that just a year earlier he couldn’t do. We now know that Obama two years earlier had chosen ISIS as the new and improved bogeyman to replace al Qaeda as his number one proxy war ally. Obama disregarded the risk of backing a jihadist caliphate andselected ISIS in his obsessive quest to rid Assad from power in Syria. The stage was set for faked ISIS weekly beheadings posted on YouTube to shock and awe the “civilized” world and ensure the neocons’ endless war on terror remains endless.

Many mainstream outlets explain how ISIS became so well supplied through two sources. US antitank weapons, armored personnel carriers, rockets, Toyota trucks, Humvees, assault rifles, antiaircraft artillery and helicopters were said to be acquired through acquisition from the “moderate” rebels in Syria. After all, the US and Saudi Arabia had been providing for them since 2011. So somehow all these weapons simply got handed over to ISIS at some point prior to the June Islamic State invasion of Iraq. And then of course the Iraqi army gifted yet another treasure trove of war materials when they deserted the city of Mosul. This is simply the cover story to conceal the fact that Obama and the Saudis had been supplying heavy weapons to the same militant jihadists since 2012 that later became known as ISIS. Inasmuch as many of the “moderate” terrorists work hand in hand with the IS extremist terrorists as allied partners, kind of like the US and Israel, and since many rebels did join the Wahhabi brand of terrorist ranks, some of the US-Saudi weapons did get incorporated that way. But the US and Gulf State terrorist allies had been regularly sending weapons to terrorists in Syria since 2012. The massive amount of armaments didn’t just by pure accident mysteriously fall into enemy hands as MSM prefers to allude.

Speaking of MSM, Washington and its ministry of propaganda constantly play a pretend game, like when Obama’s gave his infamous September speech vowing “to hunt down” every last ISIS terrorist to root them out… and then proceeded to lead the coalition in his fake war that only allowed ISIS to gain both in strength and controlled territory in Syria, Iraq and beyond. That is, until September 30th last year when the real antiterrorist Putin stood up and exposed Obama as a fraud.

Of course a super long history of US weapons ending up in enemy hands goes back to the early years in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Between 2004 and 2007 under General David Petraeus’ command in charge of training Iraqi forces, 30% of all the weapons and equipment the US supplied to Iraqi forces could never be accounted for. It’s the same old song. Plenty of corruption and incompetence to go around, both in the US military command as well as the Iraqi forces allowing 190,000 assault rifles and pistols to disappear, most of which were sold or given to insurgents used to kill Americans. The rate of unaccountable weapons and supplies inAfghanistan was even worse – 40%. This exasperating scenario has been repeated in every long counterinsurgency war the US has ever fought and lost since Vietnam.

This same insane pattern keeps repeating itself everywhere the imperialistic Empire of Chaos and Destruction uninvitingly intrudes. As yet another case in point, half the weapons the US gave to Burundi and Uganda to fight al Qaeda affiliated terrorists went straight from the corrupt governments to better armed Somali terrorists in al-Shabaab. And now the most dominant West African terrorist organization in Nigeria Boko Haram that’s already created analliance with ISIS is enticing al-Shabaab in East Africa to follow suit. The worldwide terrorist network spreads. Cash-strapped African countries neither have the political will nor strength to effectively combat terrorism, especially when it’s financed by CIA, MI6 and Mossad.

As long as the US supports corrupt despotic dictators and governments around the world that fail to gain the popular support of their people, leaders will continue to be bought by imperialistic interests and allow their citizens and nations to be raped and pillaged. Rival groups vying for power will invariably emerge from the leadership vacuum to challenge the status quo authority and often enough through coercion and intimidation, by default generate support. And if they succeed in toppling one oppressive government, it automatically becomes same as the old boss. As America moves from one election to the next within its own corrupt two-party Democrat-Republican system, it’s also “same as the old boss.”

When a sovereign nation is violated posing zero threat to an outside invading force that violently occupies it for years at a time, attempting to feebly support a puppet government that permits the occupied nation to be plundered by imperialistic occupiers, insurgents acting as freedom fighters will naturally resist the invader and oppose both the puppet government and occupying force. In other words, when the US is clearly the aggressor and wipes out hundreds of thousands if not millions of innocent civilians, as it has in Afghanistan and Iraq, any and all counterinsurgency wars that the US causes and fights will be lost 100% of the time. And the same goes for Obama’s sneaky Special Ops wars invisibly being fought in over 134 nations - out of sight and out of mind from an uninformed US public.

But the Pentagon morons who never learn from history may actually delude themselves into believing wars fought this way since Vietnam with far superior firepower and hi-tech advantage can still be won. But the morons controlling US foreign policy, the neocons of this century, already know that a military victory is impossible. Hence, they never start wars they plan to win. By design the US and Israeli foreign policy, again one and the same, is to destabilize the entire world, preferably using proxy war jihadists like al Qaeda and ISIS to do their dirty bidding. And the ruling elite that are the bankers of Wall Street that own all the largest monopolizing transnational corporations including the mammoth, always growing like a cancer - military-security-industrial complex manipulates both government and the mega-media propaganda machine to manufacture enemies and wars at will. The nations ravaged by bankers’ wars end up failed states, destroyed so that parasitic oil companies, mining companies and IMF loans can extract and steal whatever valued natural resources are left to be exploited for maximum profit.

Washington’s neocon madness spurring on the unprecedented global militarization is now endangering our planet like never before. Their push for war also extends to a renewed nuclear arms race in addition to “advancing” both conventional and unconventional means of warfare. In the high tech Artificial Intelligence realm, software logarithms are now making instantaneous decisions on the battlefield based on real time changing on-the-ground circumstances. When the most acclaimed scientist of modern times. Stephen Hawking fears, “the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race,” it just might be worth our attention. He says that military use of AI will backfire on humanity when the machines’ goals diverge from human goals as the computer Hal in Kubrick’s classic “2001 Space Odyssey” turned against his master. The ultimate US weapon ending up in the wrong hands might just be Artificial Intelligence.

Yet that’s never stopped America from harnessing mad scientist brainpower, starting with providing safe and secure passage and employment to post-WWII Nazis, then ever since misusing technological “progress” for the most egregiously destructive “black ops” applications that we can’t even imagine. To answer the question of why the US keeps having its destructive weapons fall into enemy hands, it’s probably a combination of foolish arrogance, pure stupidity, permeated by malevolent design. Meanwhile, the American Empire continues leading humanity rapidly down the doomsday rabbit hole. And so it goes, if we continue sitting back assuming we’re too powerless to change this collision course, the ruling elite has us right where it wants us. On the other hand, if enough of us embrace both life and the truth, perhaps we can reach the tipping point of critical mass and turn the tide against those wanting us dead.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and LewRockwell.comFeel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com 

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