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Katherine Frisk -- Ziggy Has Zagged

Ziggy Has Zagged
By Katherine Frisk on June 12, 2016
and sagged and bagged badly
zbigniew brzezinski
I have been through a few articles on Ziggies’ latest sermon on the mount, and basically it is same old, same old. Except it is not going to work. Does the man actually think that only English-speaking Americans read what he writes and listen to what he says? This latest epistle belongs in 2012, not in 2016.

The world has changed since then; and many people have woken up to the reality and the great disappointment that the Obama régime has turned out to be — except for Ziggy, who backed him all the way. Obama has done exactly what he was told.
Here is one example. When asked about the mess in Syria at the beginning of the ISIS debacle, he said that the US has no policy in the Middle East. Well, they didn’t. Their policy was the Muslim Brotherhood. Still is.
They present themselves as a third-party standby for “peace and stability”, but at the same time, train Muslim Brotherhood offshoots such as al Qaeda, al Nusra, ISIL etc., with the ultimate wet dream for Ziggy – bringing down Russia and second, China. Keeping the US as the superpower, while everyone else slips in spilt blood.
But let’s go back a bit. If you had told me five years ago that the USA is ruled and run by a bunch of Nazis and Zionists who are all sleeping with each other and running around naked at Bohemian Grove and getting up to all sorts of Moloch nonsense, I would have called a paddy wagon and had you put in a straight jacket. Even if you had told me the same thing in January 2014, I would have reacted in the same way.
Straw that broke the camel
American neocons hand in Ukraine's color revolution
The Kagan/Nuland hand in Ukraine’s color revolution
But 2014 was an eye opener for me. There, in Kiev, a coup took place. Engineered by Ukrainian Nazis, (many of whom went to Canada after WW2 – hold that thought), and Zionists, like Biden, Nuland, Dov Zakheim of Booz Allen Hamilton who was involved in 9/11, you know the guy Snowden once worked for? Kolomoyskyi, the list goes on and on.
Then the penny began to drop. With a huge CLINK in my head. These guys have been bum buddies like 4 ever. They go way back, centuries in fact. They are actually a threesome.
There is another corner to their game. Al Qaeda and its many offshoots; controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wahhabi sect now running Turkey.
I have gone into the Zionist aspect quite extensively in my article Soros And the Gang. So now I am going to concentrate on Ziggy.
In the beginning
zbgniew brzezinski
Zbigniew Brzezinski was born in Poland and his family come from the Black Nobility. That P2 lodge gang that control the Vatican and use it as a front for all their nefarious undertakings and elect themselves a ruler of the world who goes by the name of pope. Ziggies’ family left for Canada in 1938, when he was ten years old, and where he attended a Jesuit Loyola High School.
Oh hello! Fancy that! Same as ol’ whats his name… Robert Mugabe. He then went to Harvard and the whole focus of his studies was on Russia, the Soviet Union and his life’s ambition to destroy that country.
In keeping with the Jesuits and Vatican policy that wants to dedicate Russia to the Virgin Mary, in other words bond all the land under a trust which gives the pope ownership of the planet. He is an outright Nazi. Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a member of the Bilderberg Group who conceived the European Union and a co-founder Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller, whose father funded Lenin and Trotsky and cut oil deals with Stalin, then, along with the Bush gang, J.P.Morgan and Allen Dulles, funded Hitler. But I digress.
The mud only gets thicker and thicker as we go along. Being a member of the Black Nobility, Ziggy had doors opened for him that would otherwise have been closed, but these doors opened very quickly. His rise to power and influence in Washington from 1960 onward is meteoric.
After the Bush CIA Nazi American coup assassination of Kennedy, controlling the country along with the Zionist Soros gang was easier than making a jam sandwich. Throw in the Saudi Royals and their Wahhabi sidekicks in the 1970s and the petro dollar, and you have a threesome made in hell. The Muslim Brotherhood fought on the side of the Nazis during WW2, while the Turks with the Zionists, and the Nazis standing by in covert support, watched during the Armenian genocide in WW1.
The crusade against the Byzantine Empire 1,000 years ago has got nothing on these guys.
Bound by guilt?
Now go back 2,000 years. Whether this is historical fact or analogy is irrelevant. It has been indelibly printed on our consciousness. We have a Zionist Levite High Priest Caiaphas, an Arab Edomite Herodian monarchy married into this Levite family and a Roman called Pontius Pilate.
These three are in religious, political and financial collusion through the usury money lenders in the temple. It was a lucrative business all round along with the Roman taxation system.
The Herods and the Sadducees all studied in Rome and most had Roman citizenship. They arrested an innocent man who was given a mistrial, falsely accused of calling himself the king of the Jews and then sentenced him to crucifixion.
Today they celebrate this victory once a week by drinking his blood and eating his flesh in the form of bread and wine. They are, as Jesus himself called them, the Synagogue of Satan. ( I can hear the screaming from the gallery now and am ducking all the rotten tomatoes!) I am convinced that the Black nobility today, the Zionist bankers and the Muslim Brotherhood are all descended from these three insane, luciferian lunatics in one way or another.
There is a term in psychology called projection. That is when you are guilty of something and you not only accuse someone else, but you even convince them they are the guilty party. This is what they have done for almost 2,000 years. They have told you that Jesus died for your sins, it is all your fault. He didn’t die for your sins, they murdered him. Then, they even go so far as to tie it all up nicely with original sin.
Only the Jews are descended from Adam, the rest of humanity isn’t. Original sin is their problem; it is not your problem. So let them get on with it. Why worry about it? In any case Genesis 1 tells you that you are made in God’s image, male and female. Not Adam. By telling you that you are born in original sin they are projecting their own myth onto you. The Jewish calendar only dates from approximately 3 684 B.C, ad many of the texts in the Old Testament have been copied from Egyptian, Ethiopian and Sumerian texts, which means they are new kids on the block. The story of Adam in all likelihood originated on the island of Elephantine where they worshiped the potter “god” Khnum and where there was a Jewish settlement from the time of the Assyrian invasion, possibly even before, until approximately 600-500 B.C. This ideology has been inserted after Genesis 1 as a particular Judaic (the tribe of Judah) and not necessarily Hebrew (Israel) belief system.
Syrian rebels with homemade artillery shell, gas shell - or both
Syrian rebels with homemade artillery shell, gas shell – or both
They have done the same thing in Syria. Accused Assad of murdering his own people. Gassing them to death. When in fact they are the ones who have funded, trained and supported the so-called “rebels”who have now turned into that anomaly ISIS.
They did the same thing to Gaddafi. Then murdered him and bombed Libya back into the stone age. They are doing the same thing to Russia. Accusing Russia of aggression, when they themselves have and are encircling Russia with ballistic missiles. Projection. It is childish and insane.
With all due respect to the Muslims who have suffered terribly since the Arab Spring and are still suffering under Daesh, what is notably absent in the Western Media is any reporting at all on the genocide that has gone on against Orthodox Christians across north Africa and the Middle East., especially in Syria and eastern Ukraine.
And little to no reporting on the persecution of Palestinian Christians on the West Bank and in Israel itself.
The three corners have stuck together like glue and none of these follow the Torah, instead they follow the Babylonian Talmud, none of these can honestly be called Christian and none of these are true Muslims in any real sense of the word. ISIS as it has become known, though I think that is an insult to Isis, is funded, trained and supported by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Israel, Turkey and the CIA/USA mercenaries like Blackwater, et al.
American soldiers no longer die for Ziggy as they once did in Afghanistan and Iraq – the Muslim Brotherhood does, supported by the mercenaries who have been hand-picked for their psychotic and murderous mindset from out of the US military and Mossad. Unfortunately there are a number of South Africans there as well, killing for the almighty $!
And what are Ziggies’ plans exactly for the future? Simple. To keep being a parasite on the US for funding and the military industrial complex, to keep the “terrorist” activity going in the Middle East and finally bomb Iran and Lebanon, break up Syria into pieces, keep the EU as far away from Russia as possible, and wear down Russia and China so that the USA remains the world’s Imperial Power, owned and controlled by the Black Nobility, the Zionists and the Muslim Brotherhood. If they have to use a Muslim “refugee”invasion of Europe to achieve these goals they will.
NATO protest
The best thing for Europe would be to do the exact opposite. Close all the borders, decentralize the EU and the EU banking system into a more Federated Union of Nation States, throw the TTIP agreements in the garbage where they belong, and join Russia and China in developing the Silk Road project.
Break up Turkey into four regions. Armenia in the east. Kurdistan in the south and hand back Constantinople to the Greeks with a Russian naval base. Keep the Turks in the middle of this lot, and that should keep a lid on them for a few centuries at least.
Along with the end of the petro dollar and the flooding of the market with cheap and abundant oil, the heydays of Saudi Arabia and OPEC are over. They can get their tents and their camels out of the attic and start heading back to the desert where they came from.
Ziggy is under the impression that the USA is protected from all the chaos that it causes by the Atlantic and the Pacific. But this is a misconception. That might have been the case in WW1 and WW2, but it is not the case today. Distance and vast oceans are no deterrent, and if they attack Russia via NATO in Europe, Russia will not attack Europe, it will attack the source.
So, I hope Ziggy has a well-stocked bunker down there somewhere, in the US or in Patagonia, because he is seriously deluded.

Russia and China will not play his games. They are all too familiar with them. They are moving onto a new future of growth and development not war, destruction and decay. The gig is up and Ziggy has zagged and sagged and bagged badly. But more important, the people of the West are tired of them and are now awake to their games and will no longer be pulled around like puppets on a string. Time for a new century; and getting rid of these deadbeats is long overdue.

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