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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Joachim Hagopian -- Authoritarian Control and Mass Murder in America the Hegelian Dialectic Way

Wednesday, June 15, 2016
Authoritarian Control and Mass Murder in America the Hegelian Dialectic Way

I decided to break the previous article into two parts, the first focusing on US foreign policy through the Hegelian lens and this one on US domestic policy. I also updated more info on the Orlando shooting false flag.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was a highly influential German philosopher. To this day his Hegelian Dialectic is a model used by central powers of government to create a problem that causes a reaction most often in the form of a crisis or series of crises, and consolidation of concentrated power results in fewer hands as a consequence of the proposed solution put forth by the same political body that created the problem and crises in the first place. It’s been a highly effective deadly game formula of deceit that the ruling elite has perpetrated on the people to fool and entice them into blindly accepting greater centralized control and authority.

This article will demonstrate how New World Order globalists and their neocon puppets in Washington have consistently employed this repeating cycle of the Hegelian Dialectic consisting of problem (originally called thesis), reaction (anti-thesis) and solution (synthesis) during this century’s federal governmental domestic policies. Inasmuch as US Empire virtually controls all Western nations as well as nearly all Third World nations, this insidious undemocratic process is unfolding globally on the geopolitical chessboard with the ultimate objective of establishing one world government tyranny.

This endless do-loop application stateside will be analyzed to demonstrate how the feds have amplified and concocted a “homegrown” enemy of radicalized violent extremists to intentionally include millions of nonviolent, law abiding US citizens as the identified problem. Washington’s domestic policy under the seamless Bush-Obama regime has incessantly sought ways to criminalize dissidence, as of late augmented by the militant imposition of a sanctified Political Correctness agenda designed to kill free speech and make dissent an unsafe, subversively heretical act in the land of the no longer free. Successful deployment of this Hegelian Dialectic has enabled the elite since 9/11 to radically transform America from a constitutional republic into a fascist totalitarian police state. Noted constitutional law attorney John Whitehead wrote recently:

In the American police state, the price to be paid for speaking truth to power (also increasingly viewed as an act of treason) is surveillance, censorship, jail and ultimately death.

Systemic abuse of US citizenry is symptomatic of the tyranny gripping all Western nations systematically targeting their own populations in a globalist coordinated New World Order scheme being diabolically perpetrated with complete impunity. Emboldened by ever-growing dissident watch lists and massively stored daily data collection observing our every move, transaction and communication, as of the 2012National Defense Authorization Act, deep state now has ultimate authority to send US military troops crashing into our homes without warrant, without charges, apprehend and arrest us, drag us to prison where we can potentially rot in a cell indefinitely without trial, without due process and without access to either family contact or legal representation.

After killing one American on foreign soil in 2011 without due process and then murdering his innocent 16-year old Colorado-born son two weeks later, as coldblooded dictator playing God, Obama made no bones about seeing the day when he orders the extra-judicious killing of American citizens on US soil as well, again without warrant or due process simply because he doesn’t believe certain Americans deserve to even be alive.

Though the ruling elite’s all too predictable Hegelian formula has been around a long time, its use in recent years has been stepped up like never before. Its biggest application is 9/11 as the designed pretext for rushing through the Patriot Act’s passage infringing on citizens’ personal civil rights and rights to privacy. 9/11 opened the floodgate for the neocons’ forever war on terror across the globe while dismantling the US Constitution in the name of “national security” at home. Just as the attacks on the World Trade Center towers and Pentagon became the neocon answer to their PNAC’s “new Pearl Harbor,” also already plotted and written in the last century, their Patriot Act served as their ticket to the unconstitutional, Orwellian police state we’re currently living under. An increasingly pervasive cycle of problem, reaction and solution has been deployed over and over again as the elite’s twenty-first centurypathway to New World Order tyranny. We see it in the nefarious and deadly way the Patriot Act was passed by Congress a month and a half after 9/11.

Patriot Act and the anthrax false flag as more state sponsored terrorism

Problem: Potential resistance within Democrat controlled Senate that could derail Patriot Act

Reaction: In the face of 9/11 aftermath, create a crisis panic by sending poisonous anthrax to mainstream media outlets to hype dangers of anthrax terrorism as well as to two key Democratic senators targeted for delaying the vote, thus forcing the Patriot Act’s passage to strip Americans of civil liberties

Solution: 9/11 architects Bush-Cheney et al have free reign to violate privacy laws spying on Americans in the name of combating the very terrorism they created in their manufactured war on terror; also under terrorism threat, Bush-Cheney regime has unlimited military budget funding permanent war and free reign initiating preemptive wars anywhere in the world without approval from Congress or UN

To resolve the identified Hegelian problem of subduing any Congressional resistance that might delay passage of the neocons’ Patriot Act, another false flag masquerading as a reactive crisis and hysteria in both Washington and America had to be created. The easiest choice was using biological warfare terrorism in the form of the poisonous white powder anthrax traced back to a federal pharma lab in Iowa linked to intelligence agencies. In the first week immediately following 9/11, Attorney General Ashcroft, Cheney and Bush went to work selling Congress on passing their already in place 348-page Patriot Act designed to transform America overnight from a republic to a totalitarian government that’s free to spy on its own citizenry with total impunity.

Just as there was solid evidence of foreknowledge of 9/11, amongst certain actors in Washington there also was awareness of the forthcoming anthrax attack. It’s no accident that on September 17th the same day Ashcroft strong-armed Congress with pressure to expedite ratifying the Patriot Act into law to avoid another eminent terrorist attack on the capital, an article in the Washington Post appeared hyping the very real threat and danger of more al Qaeda terrorist attacks killing more Americans using the biological warfare agent anthrax. And even less coincidental was within 24-hours anthrax was being mailed through the postal service to targeted members in the media.

Right after 9/11 an extremely well-coordinated preplanned campaign was already underway led by the executive branch in collusion with inner circle mainstream media contacts to ramrod their latest legislative agenda home using death threats falsely blaming more Islamic jihadists. Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen later admitted that soon after 9/11 he had been warned by “a high government official” to load up on the antibiotic anthrax antidote Cipro. It was later revealed that both Bush and Cheney were taking Cipro as of 9/11. During those first post-9/11 weeks in September there was such a huge sudden demand for the antibiotic that New York and Washington pharmacies were unable to keep Cipro in stock. The New York Timeseven ran an article on September 27th entitled “Anthrax Scare Prompts Run on an Antibiotic.” Clearly there were insiders who knew the anthrax attacks were coming.

Because Democrats in the Senate were balking at the Patriot Act’s vast sweeping powers given over unconstitutionally to law enforcement, Cheney went to work playing hardball meeting with Republicans the final week of September imploring them to pressure their Democratic colleagues into voting yes by October 5th. George W took to the airwaves claiming that Congress’ delay of the bill’s passage was increasing the risk of another eminent terrorist attack each day it went unpassed. Then on September 30th while on vacation, photo editor Robert Stevens suddenly took ill. Three days after that the first anthrax diagnosis was made and by October 5th, the same day of Cheney’s deadline, Robert Stevens was dead. As soon as the story of the first fatality broke, an avalanche of panic swept over the nation’s capital.

On October 3rd another Washington Post article cited the Democratic Senate majority leader Tom Daschle and the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee leader Patrick Leahy as holding up the vote due to conflict with the Bush-Cheney administration. ThePost singled out the Daschle and Leahy duo as the identified obstacle causing Cheney’s deadline to be violated. It was also no accident that between October 6th-9thanthrax letters were mailed to those two senators’ DC offices.

Meanwhile, with the Afghan invasion begun on October 7th, fear of an al Qaeda backlash had Congress members instructed to not wear their congressional pins outside the Capitol building. Warning of a preeminent attack on Washington initiatedroad closures and barriers. On October 11th the FBI put out a red alert of looming terrorist attacks directed against America specifying Washington as the most at-risk target, warning of crop duster planes delivering anthrax by air, adding the outright lie that Iraq already had this WMD capability. This over-the-top false propaganda scare tactic worked as the Democratic controlled Senate by late that same night of the 11thpassed the Patriot Act.

However, because slightly different versions of the bill were in the House and Senate, they would need to be integrated into one before the vote in both chambers. A paper that covers Capitol Hill news, Roll Call, on October 15th ran the headline “HILL BRACES FOR ANTHRAX THREAT.” And just like clockwork, an intern in Daschle’s office opened the envelope with 2g of anthrax inside and a death threat to US and Israel. The Senate building was closed down and government workers were relocated. Despite the duress and disruption, the bill was quickly finalized and passed by the Senate on October 25th. Few if any members of Congress even read it. Bush signed the Patriot Act into law on October 26th.

The timing, the motive and the means for the heinous deadly crime, just like 9/11, all pointed to Cheney and Bush, not their secret al Qaeda allies/stooges. To actually believe it was a Muslim terrorist sending the poison to the two Democrats that dared to defy Cheney’s directive is preposterous. And especially when it was confirmed that it originated from a federal drug lab in Ames, Iowa. A hapless scientist working out of Fort Detrick, Maryland named Dr. Bruce Ivens was eventually framed as the prime suspect for the anthrax crisis but just prior to FBI charges being brought against him, he mysteriously conveniently wound up dead from an alleged Tylenol overdose while maintaining his innocence to the end. With him out of the way, the guilty murderers still walk as infamously free men.

Meanwhile, the FBI lead investigator assigned to the anthrax case has become a whistleblower charging the FBI with constant sabotaging, evidence destruction and harassment in attempts to cover-up the truth. Bruce Ivens was proven innocent after his death. Also the White House pressured FBI to link the crimes to Iraq and al Qaeda as their go-to patsies. It’s a classic illustration of a willfully botched case and doomed investigation intent on concealing incriminating evidence in order to protect the real perpetrators from up above.

The inside anthrax job acts as a little bookend to the much bigger 9/11 inside job, killing a total of 5 people and infecting 17 other victims, 6 including Dr. Ivens as yet more neocon casualties in their war on terror that never ends. Last year with virtually little to no revision, the Patriot Act was renewed through 2019 with the USA Freedom Act. Note the Orwellian lingo of deceitfully naming laws that enslave the exact opposite. When our so called leaders are psychopathic murderers, what do you expect? Our once constitutionally guaranteed civil rights remain a distant memory as long as the traitors in Washington are allowed to be free from accountability in their continued reign of totalitarian terror.

If you haven’t already noticed, a running theme for those blood drenched, power entrenched neocons is simply to silence and eliminate perceived threats and opposition utilizing this same familiar Hegelian formula infinitum. Why change the strategy if it’s always been successful?

Cheney et al’s draconian landmark legislation - the USA Patriot Act - passed with near unanimous Senate vote once the anthrax made its rounds pushing the door wide open to today’s in-our-face federal tyranny. The neocons grabbed the Hegelian solution they needed for waging unlimited war in the name of terrorism anywhere in the world while simultaneously at home merging FEMA into their newly created Department of Homeland Security tasked with rapidly stripping away the rest of our constitutional liberties in the name of “national security.” In its first dozen years alone, deep state’s gluttonously monolithic cancer called Homeland Security has metastasized into thethird largest federal department boasting near a quarter million fulltime employees. By hook, crook and murder the Cheney-Bush gang in 2003 got what they’d been wanting and plotting for years, two concurrent never-ending wars in the Middle East and the monstrosity of the Homeland Security apparatus whose purpose was to set about making war at home against the American people. Sadly the rest of the Western nations played follow the leader.

Next a dialectic accounting of how we the American people have increasingly been targeted as the federal government’s internal enemy.

Enemy the American People

Problem: Americans’ growing domestic unrest and hostility directed at federal government poses a serious threat to Washington and its NWO tyranny

Reaction: Build a propagandized case for increasing homegrown terrorism consisting of violent extremist belligerents endangering the lives of fellow Americans posing a worse threat than ISIS terrorism attacks on US soil; orchestrate false flag terrorism and crises to induce growing chaos, fear and mob rule violence to convince citizens they need increased security measures to combat mounting threats of homegrown terrorism; continue to polarize US population exploiting divide and rule divisions, distrust and fear

Solution: Increase federal power, authority, surveillance and control over US population by enacting and enforcing more draconian measures using national security as flimsy fake excuse; through presidential executive order declare martial law, implement dictatorial control over the people, shut down internet access and communication, confiscate citizen property, assets and resources, engage in mass roundups for population relocation to fill up FEMA camps and designated high density urban living centers and attain absolute New World Order tyranny and control for “people’s own good,” safety using Kissinger’s carrot stick of food as manipulative device while attaining UN Agenda 21 compliance for “sustainability” 

At the same time the globalists are in full court press using the US Empire to spearhead a rush to World War III, the US policymakers are also bent on waging war at home against the American people. And again the same identified problem is perceived threat to New World Order tyranny. By criminalizing all government threats emerging from a growing population of angry citizens and dissenting activists, the Hegelian reaction is the hyped up danger to the rest of Americans from those labeled homegrown terrorists and violent extremists. Mainstream media has been spewing out nonstop propaganda that homegrown terrorism perpetrated by extreme radical belligerents actually endangers American lives and safety more than the ISIS terrorists (the feds’ secret allies). A New York Times article published right after last year’s false flag - the Charleston church mass shooting - reported that in the US nearly twice as many Americans have been murdered by non-Muslim right-wing wackos as radical jihadists since 9/11.

Yet rather than focus on actually apprehending bona fide terrorists, the FBI would rather spend taxpayer dollars on recruiting informants and setting up sting operations across the country creating fake terror plots to entrap and arrest disillusioned, pliable young person who falls prey to FBI operations. And then the DHS and FBI bring out the cameras touting their great service saving the public from the homegrown terrorists. Virtually every mass shooting in America involves young men heavily whacked out on prescription drugs many already known to law enforcement. Couple that with US intelligence serving as their handlers and you have more false flag state sponsored terrorism complete with crisis actors and a half dozen anomalies galore. It’s a well-established pattern the “saved public” sees through.  

Back in April 2009 DHS’ Office of Intelligence and Analysis issued a controversial yet very telling 9-page document entitled “Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment” specifically targeting returning veterans as potential terrorists. The US government has in effect declared war against all veterans (especially ones fresh from war on terror combat zones), constitutionalists insisting that the Constitution needs to be restored as US rule of law, so called patriots aligned against the feds, gun owners and Second Amendment activists, peace activists, environmentalists, property rights advocates, Tea Party members, conservatives, Fundamentalist Christians, home schoolers and all dissenters who openly politically disagree with governmental authoritarian oppression. This means that over the last decade a growing number of Americans into the millions are systematically being monitored and placed on expanding watch lists deemedpotential enemies of the state. This absurd madness gone amok continued in a 2012 DHS study concluding “those who are reverent of individual liberty” might become terrorists.   

With Homeland Security funding state fusion centers, citizens are being programmed and brainwashed to fear their neighbors as potential homegrown terrorists, indoctrinated to seek out anything looking suspicious and immediately report it as Big Brother informants contacting local fusion centers and law enforcement to turn in their fellow citizens. As of January this year the FBI now has a new program instructing public high schools to report those students who show signs of becoming future terrorists. Depending on the person reporting, this can mean anyone critical of the government. According to the US Army’s 2011 “Risk Factors for Radicalization,” the following groups are identified as potential terrorists: those who are young, those frustrated with mainstream ideologies, those critical of the federal government, those who are active on social networks, especially those who value online privacy and alljournalists make a much longer list that might include every American with a capacity to think.  

Like the 2002 film “Minority Report,” there are artificial intelligence software algorithms currently profiling people assessing risk of committing future crimes. Closed circuit TV cameras with built in AI features a program called AISight currently monitoring the public’s behavior in cities like Boston, Chicago and Washington. It detects those individuals whose actions are deemed deviant enough from the AI determined norm to then alert authorities of potential precrimes. In the UK there is one CCTV for every 11 people, and the average Briton is recorded 300 times a day. The US can’t be far behind in this Orwellian world.  

With the obscene amounts in trillions in taxpayer dollars wasted on this century’s wars abroad that have killed 4 million Muslims, billions more are being wasted at home only to further enslave us. For all their hype and dire warnings of preeminent attacks and all the massive NSA surveillance of the most monitored population in human history, not one major terrorist attack on US soil has ever been detected or thwarted. The reason why is because none have actually been planned with the one exception where local police intervened. A DHS record of terror arrests linked to ISIS occurring from January 2014 to September 2015 were for wanting to travel abroad, providing material support or were wannabes playing pretend terrorists. Another analysis indicated that the FBI and DHS are zero for 41 in predicting imminent terrorist attacks on US soil. Just as al Qaeda and ISIS and the war on terror are all creations of the ruling elite, so is the homegrown terrorism hype created by the feds to keep their DHS scam going in a subversive war against American people. Keep in mind that it’s not just in the United States. Every Western government is employing these same tyrannical methods against its citizens.  

While national governments with CIA/FBI, MI6 and Mossad handlers are secretly backing, coordinating and sponsoring false flag terrorism behind virtually every mass shooting spree in America as well as Europe, the guilty, murdering Western governments then swiftly move to propose their so called solution to “fix” the problem by simply introducing yet more draconian counterterrorism laws. Increasing deep state oppression only spirals upward to warrant more violent crackdowns and more loss of liberty designed to incite an angry citizen backlash creating rising civil/racial tensions and violent unrest that quickly foments into chaos and open rebellion. In a false flag crisis civility evaporates in a heartbeat, and the feds’ response is clamping down with brutal force. For decades the combat ready US police state has been preparing for this endgame scenario dating back to Reagan’s Rex 84’s civil defense preparedness planunder martial law rule. It first surfaced during the Iran Contra hearings in 1987. An outgrowth in recent decades has been the militarization of local law enforcementbuying at cut rate prices combat weaponry and equipment used in wars abroad that have come home to roost in small town USA. Police forces and SWAT teams across the nation are now at war with the American people.  

Obama’s agenda is busily arming all the bad guys abroad while planning to disarm all the law abiding decent Americans at home. He’s been giving away heavy armaments to neo-Nazis in Kiev to use in ethnic purging against freedom fighters in eastern Ukraine, he’s about to give away the biggest military aid package in US history so that Israeli military can ethnically purge more Palestinians, and he’s been arming to the hilt every terrorist group in Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere. Meanwhile at home Obama’s signing more executive orders bypassing Congress for confiscating guns from law-abiding gun owners in America.

The Obama regime’s also been busily authorizing the US Postal Service, IRS,National Weather Service, Fish and Wildlife Department, and the Social Security Administration to buy up billions of rounds of lethal hollow point bullets. This type of bullet has been internationally banned in wars since the 1899 Hague Convention because it’s designed to expand upon entry in the human body causing maximum organ damage. Yet that didn’t stop the US Army last year from considering its use. After all, US exceptionalism reigns supreme.  

It doesn’t take any stretch of imagination to realize who those bullets are meant for. And then there are the sudden disappearances of US citizens held illegally in solitary confinement cells for no legitimate reason, often secretly subjected to torture in mysterious black hole prisons springing up across the nation. In the meantime, trigger-happy police are gunning down more US citizens today than ever before, especially those of color. We’re 58 times more likely to be killed by police than terrorists. More cops killed people in America in the one month of March this year than UK police did during the entire 20th century. More deaths in 2014 occurred from police shootings than all mass murder shootings combined. If all these facts are not proof that war against the American people is already raging out of control, then I don’t know what is. The powerbrokers are not suddenly going to become human and have a change of heart. As the turmoil grows worse, so will their crimes against humanity. 

Meanwhile multibillionaires like George Soros who helped finance the unlawful Ukraine coup have been instrumental in instigating racial tensions investing $33 million sending in busloads of paid agitators to Ferguson and Baltimore after white cops murder unarmed black men. To ensure Hillary gets elected, this year Soros has sunk his money into buying troublemakers to incite violence at Trump rallies stirring up more racial hatred. Just as the US federal government is promoting an international policy designed to provoke the next world war, it similarly at home is using divide and rule tactics to purposely trigger civil and racial conflict, urban looting and riots, and mass violence and crisis that’s the pretext for declaring martial law and unleashing a full blown war against the American people. This will then involve massive relocation of citizens into FEMA internment prison camps complete with barbed wired fenced walls, armed guard towers, and tribunal and mortuary sections. Many civilians seen by the likes of globalist Kissinger as “useless eaters” stand to be murdered by our own conniving, sinister government. Their plan is to exterminate us down to a world population of just half a billion. 

From Sandy Hook to the Boston Marathon bombings, from last year’s Charleston black AME church, the Chattanooga military recruiting office to the San Bernardino shootings, we’re witnessing an unparalleled, unprecedented spike in America’s mass killing shooting sprees that are all government orchestrated false flag events designed to pressure Congress into passing more restrictive gun control legislation leading ultimately to repealing the Second Amendment and federally enforced gun confiscation in America. With only a half year left in power, Obama as the Manchurian president entrusted by his puppet masters to take America down, knows time’s running out on his mission to outlaw guns on his watch. And what more expediently pressing leverage to accomplish his task than by staging the deadliest mass shooting in United States history. Thus, the Hegelian Dialectic is once again at work in this latest tragedy in Florida.

Orlando Gay Club Shooting

Problem: There exist so little time left in Obama’s lame duck term in office and still so much congressional resistance and public opposition to gun control leading to gun confiscation in America

Reaction: America’s worst mass shooting in history

Solution: With LBGT and Political Correctness agenda throwing its full weight behind gun control working overtime in an election year, enough pressure can be placed on Congress to finally pass sweeping gun control legislation to facilitate implementation and enforcement of UN Resolution for gun confiscation in America; exploit the most divisive wedge between patriots versus government intended to trigger major violent upheaval and civil war on US soil; brainwash and con the populace into giving up 2ndAmendment right as precursor to gun confiscation; brainwash Americans into paranoia fearing gun violence by extremists as precursor to accepting deep state’s promise to keep population safe in a “gun-free” society through absolute tyranny and control; set stage for “perfect storm” convergence of civil war and martial law at home timed with WWIII and total collapse of global economy

The deadliest mass shooting in American history occurred over the weekend at an Orlando gay club with 50 people initially reported dead. Latest accounts tally 49 dead and 53 wounded. The press began echoing all too familiar words from the get-go. The deceased lone gunman, Muslim American born suspect Omar Mateen whose parents emigrated from Afghanistan in the 1980’s, is said to have pledged his allegiance to Islamic State terrorism in a 911 call made just prior to his deadly rampage. Not surprising, ISIS claimed responsibility.

A standardized theme in mainstream media coverage is to immediately link the shooter to Islamic State jihadism as soon as a Muslim-sounding name surfaces as prime suspect long before any hard evidence is determined. The primacy effect never fails to plant in the minds of millions tuning in the seeds of guilt reinforcing Islamophobia and stigmatization that Islam is our enemy. Also joining so many before him, Mateen’s fate quickly fell into the dead men don’t tell tales pattern. Like clockwork, all the predictable telltale signs and gaping anomalies are fast emerging now.

Omar Seddique Mateen worked the last nine years of his life as a security guard at the world’s largest private security firm. Meteen’s employer, the Danish company GS4, bought out Wackenhut Security in 2010 and has an office in Arlington, VA. Both GS4 and Wackenhut are closely tied to the US armed forces and intelligence services with Wackenhut involved in the Iran Contra scandal. GS4 employs 600,000 workers worldwide and presently has a contract with DHS transporting undocumented aliens from the Mexican border northward to big cities like Phoenix and just dropping them off, unvetted and undocumented as part of Obama's open border policy that purposely fails to keep America safe.

His ex-wife, an alleged victim of his domestic violence and undiagnosed bipolar mood swings, lived with him for only four months before she separated and eventually divorced in 2011. She said he was not religious. Other reports from witnesses claim he was a frequent patron at the gay club and conjecture that he may have acted out violently unable to come to terms with his own homosexuality. Apparently a current wife who likely has a child by him may be charged in connection with knowing of his violent plan and accompanied him while scoping out potential future crime scenes that included Disney World.
As in virtually every false flag mass shooting to date, intelligence agencies are already very familiar with the so called terrorist. For at least four years in advance of this weekend’s bloodbath, the FBI knew of Mateen’s radical jihadist beliefsThe FBI interviewed Mateen on at least three occasions. He was picked up for questioning twice in 2013 because he had allegedly made radical jihad statements overheard by co-workers. In 2014 a second investigation was opened due to his affiliation with a known ISIS recruiter and suicidal bomber that later blew himself up in Syria.

There’s a mainstream media blackout not revealing the likelihood of multiple gunmen and witnesses reporting that the exit door was blocked. This of course blows the lid off the official narrative of the lone gunman attack. Despite the blackout, an interview with a witness in the club who survived the three hour trauma by playing dead reported hearing the suspect talking on his cell phone claiming that there were three other gunmen involved acting as snipers waiting for police to arrive. Also another eyewitness account maintains that someone was blocking the door so people could not exit the club. These critical missing pieces of information are apparently being withheld that Mateen had help makes it far more plausible that as many as 49 people were shot to death. The MSM effort to cover-up what really happened is as big a reason as any indicating Orlando was another inside false flag job perpetrated by US government.

It’s also coming to light that the Orlando shooter traveled several times to Mecca,Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates during the last month of the Islamic year. Both Gulf States are known for breeding the Wahhabi brand of Islamic State terrorism. The shooter fits the profile of typical FBI informants and terrorist patsies - troubled young men with jihadist leanings frequently recruited by the US intelligence community in both false flag and sting operations. The FBI spends more time, money and agents trapping terrorist wannabes and then bragging before the cameras how they’re stopping terrorism than actually catching real terrorists before they strike. The reason for that is really quite clear. The US intelligence community has no interest in stopping terrorism on US or foreign soil because the American government is terrorist-r-us!

It’s the standard giveaway that every past terrorist patsy has invisible FBI/CIA handlers coordinating their terrorist activities from behind the scenes in false flag operation after false flag operation. It’s more than suspicious in this Orlando case that for years the FBI was fully aware that a known hotheaded jihadist was working for nearly a decade inside a security company with government clearance and access to weapons holding a state firearms license authorized on behalf of DHS to operate as a subcontracted government security agent yet the FBI did nothing to stop this guy. So much for all the high surveillance monitoring of every American just to keep us safe from terrorism. Also the shooter legally purchased his automatic assault weapon and handgun used in the crime just a few days before his attack. So much for Obama's gun control legislation.

Yet another strange anomaly more than hinting at an inside job is less than three days prior to the shooting, the FBI itself was reporting an alert that ISIS is planning an imminent attack in Florida, claiming a kill list of Americans with over 8,000 names, 600 living in Florida.

Right on cue in this tragedy’s aftermath, the media hype behind the gun control army grows louder as Obama preached to his choir with another one of his antigun song and dance rituals. Within 24-hours he was solemnly addressing the nationemphatically proclaiming, “We know enough to say this was an act of terror and act of hate.” So sure so soon after the fact? Sounds like the feds know a lot more than they’re letting on. Americans are under attack and don’t even know it yet. And what did the Democratic presidential frontrunner have to say about this latest violence? Hillary stated, “Weapons of war have no place on our streets.” But in the Middle East wars that she made happen assault weapons killing hundreds of thousands of innocent darker-skinned humans is fine with her, just not on Americans. Between her and Trump, our next president is guaranteed to be both racist and Islamophobic. Obama and Hillary are quick to blame the Orlando shooting on too many guns in America and homophobia, never mentioning ISIS that Obama and Hillary created that allegedly inspired the shooter.

Last weekend over four dozen more Americans were fatally victimized as sacrificial lambs mowed down by the feds’ war against US citizens. To the psychopathic powers-that-shouldn’t-be, these 49 dead American lives are viewed as mere expendables in yet another FBI false flag operation designed to terrorize Americans, swaying them to blame these tragedies on too many guns and not enough security. With Obama’s war on the Second Amendment and the LGBT-PC agenda so topically powerful in polarizing Americans these days, this mass shooting is already ripe with all the prototypical false flag earmarks we’ve come to know. When the agenda for terrorism comes from inside and top down, neither gun control legislation nor gun confiscation will stop any of these acts of terror as part of the feds’ war against the American people, whether gun laws are on the books or not. Bottom line, more mass shootings will most definitely continue to ensure that the Second Amendment becomes history before Obama does.

Of course it wouldn’t be the first time that governments turn on their own people for murder. To give this democide pandemic some perspective, in the last century alonesix times more humans died - that’s 262 million humans - at the hands of their own murderous governments than died in combat fighting all foreign and internal wars combined! At the accelerated pace of destabilizing events thus far seen in 2016, the perfect storm appears to be rapidly heading our way. During the entire known history of humankind, at no time prior has this planet been so armed and dangerous. The Institute for Economics and Peace just announced that only 10 countries out of 191 on earth are not currently at war.  

Tragically a handful of psychopathic subhuman monsters have hijacked humanity and control our fate on their devil’s dominion planet, actively plotting the start of World War III, simultaneously unleashing domestic wars against the global masses and the preplanned implosion of their debt-based, Ponzi-schemed, bankrupted economic system. All are eminently right around the corner. The deniers are pathologically blind, frozen in fear or just too dumbed down to take notice, which is exactly where the elite wants and meticulously placed us. As the hourglass runs out of time, we can passively sit and wait for death and destruction to come to us or we can acknowledge this horrifyingly ugly truth and begin taking last minute action to stop the human genocide and hold the evildoers both in and out of public office accountable. Survival of our planet and human species depend on it.

 Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at Joachim is also a regular contributor to Global Research, and LewRockwell.comFeel free to contact me at  nandrtal[at]hotmail[dot]com 0000

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I have never asked any money/donations for myself in my blogs (400) but this is an exceptional emergency. Please help the best you can to assist Isabelle, our French Coordinator, to alleviate as much as possible her step son's health condition.

You can donate through Kees De Graaff

Type your recurring amount here:


The email address connected with Kees Paypal account is

Many thanks from the heart to all of you.

Manlio Dinucci





2017 FSB Meeting - RO from Roberto Petitpas on Vimeo.




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