Syrian Army Receives Advanced Mobile Radar System from Russia (Photos)

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The Syrian Army has received the Aistenok mobile radar system from the Russian Defense Ministry in order to reinvigorate the truce-monitoring capabilities during the ceasefire.
The Syrian Armed Forces have appreciated an advanced model of the Aistenok mobile radar system, handed over to the Syrian Army by the Russian Defense Ministry in order to reinvigorate the truce-monitoring capabilities, the spokesman for the Syrian Army said.
“Let us thank you [the Russian Defense Ministry] for the delivery of an advanced artillery tracker system to our soldiers, which will allow us to monitor the ceasefire across the country much more efficiently,” the spokesman said.
According to spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry, Major-General Igor Konashenkov, operation of one of these systems in the area of El-Khalid in the city of Aleppo is currently being showed in a webcast on the official website of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Aistenok was first presented during the MVSV-2008 exhibition by Tula Research Institute Strela in 2008. The system is capable to perform tasks, associated with the discovery of various objects, both on the ground and in the air. The main task of the mobile radar system is to ensure the work of artillery units, in particular, determination of coordinates of enemy artillery and correcting fire of their guns. The Aistenok is designed to carry out surveillance of mortar firing positions and to monitor 81–120 mm mortar fire along the mortar shell flight trajectory; to survey tank type moving surface targets and monitor 122–155 mm artillery fire by shell explosions. The system is capable to trace fire of 81-120 mm mortar shelling of tanks from five kilometers distance, and 122-155 mm artillery units’ fire from twenty kilometers distance.
The Aistenok is made as a collapsible structure, which consists of a set of modules and can be moved by military personnel or transported by various vehicles. The total weight of system components is 135 kg. Assembling and preparation of the system to work takes about 5 minutes. The structure consists of a tripod with supporting-turning device, a transceiver with antenna, an electric machine with a power supply block, a block of primary processing of collected information, a remote control, and a radio communications set. Connection of elements of the system is carried out by a set of cables.
The Aistenok can be used at any time of a day and in any weather conditions, hindering the visual observation of a battlefield. A gasoline electrical unit is used to power the system. Time of continuous operation of the system from an independent power source is stated to be 6 hours.