Friday, December 30, 2016


A Storm Is Coming

[Editor’s note: Veterans Today even played its part.  When confronted by evidence of electoral interference at every level, just like the CIA does to other countries, this time “payback” for the US, we knew that the truth would never get out.  We tried telling the Clinton campaign that the FBI and Israel were rigging the election, working hand in hand with fake news, voter suppression and sophisticated “erasable” hacking.  
What they all wanted was to blame Russia, the traditional “boogeyman.”  This is why evidence is so thin, against Russia at least.  The evidence against Wikileaks, Israel and traitors in the US is massive but all are under FBI protection and there is no other body that can protect the United States.  Congress and the Supreme Court fell under the control of the elements that rigged this election long ago, something carefully documented by VT time and time again.
The evidence was overwhelming and it would have produced a massive amount of quality intelligence.  We had worked with the CIA on social media monitoring and analysis intelligence, some of us at least, in the Gulf, and we knew that Facebook was onboard, coordinating rumors and smears.  
Other efforts must have left the trail for others that we quickly found, straight to Tel Aviv, tied to a Netanyahu grudge and his obsession with destroying Iran and ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people, to hideous acts of criminality now deep in planning between the Trump and Likudist camps.
What will or at least “should” hang them all is the trail left by Wikileaks.  The Russians, out of desperation, let Assange into Russia Today, with other recognized foreign intelligence assets, a penetration of both Sputnik News and RT.  Press TV in Iran had gone through a similar process but Revolutionary Guards purged that publication and returned it to its previous level of prominence and quality.
For those unaware, if such a thing is possible, America’s efforts to undermine and control the press have long been turned on America herself through penetration of the BBG, the shadowy Broadcast Board of Governors and their equally shadowy relationship with the CIA’s black propaganda mechanisms.

Through Booz Allen Hamilton and the State Departments USAID, they run the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the “White Helmets” in Syria, the phony Moscow TimesWashington Post, New York Times, Newsweek, the Daily Beast and for our friends in the UK, the Daily Mail and the Guardian.  
Feeding all is really the Mossad whose best and most defended asset has, since 2009, been Wikileaks and Julian Assange, taking over that crown from the Murdoch organizations.  
And lastly, here is another buried aspect of the Assange story. In the early part of his British-Swedish litigation he was bonded out and British Press mentioned that he was staying at an “estate” near London. What they did not say was that it was a Rothschild estate, and that the in-house family law firm was handling his legal case, I suspect for free. One might have thought that would have triggered a lot of interest as to why, but nary a word was mentioned in corporate media. Now for the story... Gordon ]

The Age of Aquarius is upon us, or so many look on the paradigm shift that is running shockwaves across the planet.  The US is retaliating against Russia for a rigged election but is it really Russia the US is after?  
For those who pay attention, the recent UNSC vote, which Netanyahu says was “engineered” by Obama, thoroughly de-legitimizes Israel as an apartheid state engaged in gross violations of the Fourth Geneva Convention.  The US allowed Israel to be named as a criminal state and her leadership identified as “war criminals” after decade after decade of protection.  Why now?
For those expecting “days of wine and roses,” under new US leadership, those who think a populist revolution based on race hatred and denegration of science and learning, love of nuclear war and oligarchical rule isn’t driven by unseen and even more unpleasant agendas, will never know what hit them, perhaps literally.
Manipulated hatred and a fake narrative, fake history, fake news, fake terrorism, fake war, fake everything, always with us, always creeping up on us, now has put a knife into our collective hearts and brains.
When the dark age comes, and I assure you it has been here for awhile already, few will notice and fewer will care.  We are seeing this now as a handful of the world’s useless “fence sitting” leaders now, while in their death throes, take their meaningless stands.  They are the ones who put us here, yes Mr. Obama, we are putting the blame on you, who quietly played along.  We know you knew better but we also knew that you sold out just like they all did.
Sanctions, diplomats sent home, wild accusations, but one thing is known for sure – Wikileaks did it; why isn’t anyone looking for them? Assange didn’t do it, well then, who really is Wikileaks – why do they want a Trump presidency and why does Wikileaks share, and listen very carefully, all of the global political aspirations of Israel’s Likudists.
It was 2010 when CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) Chairman, Zbigniew Brzezinski cited Wikileaks as an intelligence operation, packaged to turn the world’s hatred of America’s Israeli “inspired” war on terror on its ear, and under the guise of “enlightenment” push the world into more frenzy and hate.
The real “pattern” of Wikileaks, seeded into bland material exposing American corruption and idiocy, is always the same, attacking and smearing Israel’s enemies, particularly American politicians, who stand against the occupation of Palestine, the illegal settlements and ethnic cleansing or who have secretly derailed the Turkish/Saudi/ISIS/Israel axis of terror against Iran, Iraq, Syria and, wait for it, the people of Ukraine, Georgia and the Caspian Basin states as well.
This is the why of Brexit, why the phony “right,” seeming inheritors of the tired and overused “Hitler mantle” like Trump’s pro-Israeli Nazi “alt-right” in America, have been tasked with gutting NATO and dismembering the European Union.
It isn’t just the US that is to be erased from the global scene, under Trump’s isolationist policies, it goes further; a carefully engineered power vacuum where the only players left, Russia and China, eventually become the targets themselves, seen as “easy pickings” based on their economic vulnerabilities.  For instance, all that holds Russia together is the heartbeat of one man.
Putin is 64 years old but lives a healthy lifestyle and shows no signs of age catching up with him. With the current world situation, we can only hope he continues to enjoy rude good health.
As things are today, were Putin gone, and we can’t stress this enough, the world would descend into a dark age.
Bibi… always the finger thing with him
For the past few months, Wikileaks has been a Netanyahu analog, a tool used to express his personal rage against Kerry and Obama, against Hillary Clinton, who blocked his every move, who “defanged” the bogus Iron Dome (removing the AEGIS destroyers that were the heart of Israel’s missile protection) and blocked Israel’s secret military presence in Georgia and Azerbaijan aimed at bringing Russia and America into a nuclear confrontation. 
And neither is the truth about Wikileaks, Murdoch and Israel
Julian Assange, the face of Wikileaks is nothing more than a frontman, an actor playing a role, someone to stand on the balcony of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London and read out press releases from time to time; he doesn’t even have internet access at the embassy, that is, if he really is living there and not being brought in for public appearances by the British police who are supposedly keeping him under close surveillance.
The moment Wikileaks released tens of thousands of classified US State Department cables, way beyond anything Hillary is accused of putting out, and absolutely nothing was done, any suspicions about Wikileaks were put to bed.  The fix was in.
If WikiLeaks is a worldwide organization in Europe, Canada and the US, working with Russian intelligence to interfere in an American election through espionage, then why isn’t anyone named by the FBI as being wanted or even under investigation?
The accusations that Obama has leveled against Russia leading to recent expulsions and new sanctions against Russia, a nation state, would necessitate classifying Wikileaks personnel as “non-state actors” subject to the kind of retribution Assange often refers to, up to and even drone assassination.
But nothing is ever done, not even covertly, an area VT is uniquely capable of monitoring through its networks.  Quite the opposite, Wikileaks isn’t gone after because it doesn’t really exist.  Wikileaks is a fake, more fake than even the fake news. In fact, much of the Wikileaks material “leaked” during the election, was manufactured, fake emails, just as Brzezinski had warned.
Who are these invisible people that make up the Wikileaks staff? Or is it really Tel-Aviv like we said all along and Wikileaks is just a nice brand name to put on Mossad disinfo releases?
We warned Russia Today years ago that Assange was an Israeli asset and would burn them, however, our warning was not heeded, which we took as an indication that RT has also been infiltrated by Israel.
After all, if Wikileaks were a real organisation carrying out real leaks that do real damage to real people and even nations, then those charged with protecting those people and nations, such as the FBI, would surely be kicking down doors and making arrests and extradition requests in order to reign them in and prevent further damage in future.
However, that is not the case – The FBI is not looking for any Wikileaks people. No-one is hunting them, or cutting off their money, or even restricting their travel, or accusing them of anything; in fact it increasingly looks like WikiLeaks really doesn’t exist at all and is in itself “fake news”.
Our investigation has shown us, and we said this long ago, that the FBI cannot find Wikileaks because Wikileaks does not exist. In reality, under a secret treaty signed by Bush Jr. the NSA passes all the raw data it gathers to Unit 8200, a secretive Israeli intelligence organization in Tel-Aviv where it is sifted and filtered in order to find materials that can be used for nefarious purposes and to further Israel’s agenda. That is how the material to be leaked under the Wikileaks brand is mined, it is an Israeli operation enabled by Israeli assets in the US intelligence and surveillance agencies.
Leaked slide from Edward Snowden that was released by Glenn Greenwald in new book, No Place to Hide, published in May 2014.
The leaked statement above shows that the signals intelligence exchange between the American and Israeli governments has been driven almost entirely by the NSA giving information to the Israelis, instead of Israel giving information to the U.S.
That the raw data collected by the NSA is shared with Israel was reported by the Guardian in September 2014:
The National Security Agency routinely shares raw intelligence data with Israel without first sifting it to remove information about US citizens, a top-secret document provided to the Guardian by whistleblower Edward Snowden reveals.
According to the agreement, the intelligence being shared would not be filtered in advance by NSA analysts to remove US communications. “NSA routinely sends ISNU [the Israeli Sigint National Unit] minimized and unminimized raw collection”, it says.
A much stricter rule was set for US government communications found in the raw intelligence. The Israelis were required to “destroy upon recognition” any communication “that is either to or from an official of the US government“. Such communications included those of “officials of the executive branch (including the White House, cabinet departments, and independent agencies), the US House of Representatives and Senate (member and staff) and the US federal court system (including, but not limited to, the supreme court)”.
This not only raises major privacy concerns for American citizens, it also means that Israel is spying on the American Congress and other high-level politicians, which explains how Israel is able to bribe and coerce so many – it has all the dirt on them, courtesy of the NSA.
Also note that WikiLeaks is no longer leaking, now that the US election is over and the damage is done, instead they are making press releases and giving advice.
The FBI, Directory Comey and Israeli Infiltration
A funny thing is happening in the MSM right now, we are being bombarded with rhetoric about the alleged Russian hacking of emails in order to influence the US election; however, the silence about Wikileaks, long identified as a Mossad operation, is deafening. Contrary to the MSM version of events that talks solely about Russia, the real narrative is all about Iran and Wikileaks; lurking behind it all however, is Israel and it’s assets in the US MSM, the FBI, the NSA, the Pentagon and elsewhere.
The FBI is at the nexus of events yet again, they were proven to be complicit in the election hacking fiasco, a role they undertook at the behest of Israel, lead by Israeli asset Director Comey. Sadly, the FBI has been deeply infiltrated by Israel and that lies behind their push to blame Russia for the hacking.
FBI Director Comey was put in place by Obama to clean house, unfortunately he turned out to be an Israeli asset and has committed treason in service of his Zionist masters.
That the FBI has been the driving force behind the Russian hacking narrative is clear proof that Russia is being set up as the fall guy, the FBI is attempting to blame Russia in order to cover for their Israeli masters. At the same time as they are blaming Russia, the FBI is completely ignoring Wikileaks, another strong indicator that both organisations are working for Israel.
Any group working with a foreign intelligence service against the US is guilty of sedition and espionage; furthermore, Julian Assange should now be classified as an enemy combatant. However, rather than fulfilling it’s responsibility to protect the US from Wikileaks, the FBI has done nothing.
Make no mistake, without the protection of the FBI and other Israeli assets in the US then Wikileaks could not operate nor could it survive very long.  From a high level Washington source:
…look for Comey’s history on Wikileaks whether he covered for them or not and whether he still is.
Obama, Kerry and the ‘payback’ for meddling in the US election
Obama is raging at Russia over their interference in the election, but isn’t Obama also raging at Israel? The real retaliation by the US for the election fraud that has placed Trump in the White House is not the sanctions against Russia, nor is it the expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats.
Rather it is against Israel in the form of the UN Security Council vote, the rebuke of John Kerry’s vehemently critical speech and other actions that will be seen in the next three weeks before Trump is inaugurated. The issue is now “sanctions vs. settlements”.
Obama’s move to get the USNC to vote against Israel is the most grievous blow once could strike against a nation short of thermonuclear war; it is pure de-legitimisation of the nation state of Israel, making it abundantly clear that the Israeli actions towards the Palestinians, not just the settlements but all the other, far worse treatment since 1947 are crimes against humanity. No wonder Netanyahu has reacted furiously.
There is little love lost between Obama and Bibi. In 2011 at the G20 summit in Cannes, French president Nicolas Sarkozy in a private exchange with Obama that was inadvertently broadcast to journalists said: “I cannot stand him. He’s a liar.” The US president responded by saying: “You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day.”
Why is Obama doing it now?
Obama is only showing the kind of leadership and judgment now, just as he is leaving office that we wished he had shown all along. Sadly, the two term limit is removing Obama from office just as he is becoming both experienced and wise enough to be an effective president and to deal with the United State’s real enemy – Israel, in an appropriately severe manner.
Trump, the Zionist controlled media and ‘Fake News’
We also know that Trump is an Israeli asset, something he makes blatantly obvious with his bellicose support of their policies, most recently, his denunciation of the UN Security Council vote against the illegal Israeli settlements as ‘very very unfair to Israel’.
Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly obvious that not only is he answering to a handler, Trump is also not very smart.; otherwise he would not have allowed the accusations of being a Russian asset to be hung around his neck, that was an idiotic move on his part and one that greatly weakened him politically.
The puppet and his master – Bibi visits Trump earlier this year.
A Storm is Coming
The doors being opened now, the accusations made against Russia by Obama won’t ever go away.  There can never be an America election that will be trusted.  Russia has been anointed with the Mark of Cain forever, not because they did it, but because someone had to be blamed and they were the easy target.
Blaming hasn’t helped as there is no one left to do anything, few left to care despite the well over 60 million Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton, a clear majority of the American electorate in an election where, as Donald Trump claims and rightly so, there was massive electoral fraud.
Again we remind you, very little of this is about simply Wikileaks and Podesta’s emails.  The real warnings out there were hacking votes and the real evidence was of systems being penetrated across the country with full cooperation of local electoral officials, loading malware directly into closed systems. No recount mechanism could stand against this.
Fake news has been with us, as almost all agree, forever.  It put us into a war with Spain in 1898, it put us into World War I where only a few short years previous, it allowed the overthrow of the US government by the Rothschild banking system under Paul Warburg, when the constitutionally prohibited Federal Reserve System was created.  Nothing that happened in America after 1913 wasn’t a direct result of this abomination, which the “fake news” of the day buried on the sports pages with advertisements for buggy whips.
Today Netanyahu faces another criminal investigation.  This of course is Israel trying to stop the freight train that has hit them.  A few enlightened Israeli’s are trying to interfere with history already written in advance.  We wish them good luck in their efforts.
Perhaps they might have gone after Netanyahu when he used his office to promote gambling boss Sheldon Adelson with the Chinese government.  But Adelson, with his fleet of 747s fueled and ready 24 hours a day, billions in world currency loaded for the day the world wakes up, bought Israel long ago.
Netanyahu began this path long ago as well, long before he became the public figure we know today, back when he was an espionage operative with masters in Moscow and Tel Aviv, and real masters in the City of London, where the world has long been ruled from.  While under diplomatic cover as Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Netanyahu ran spy operations against the US and was the handler for Jonathan Pollard.  The fake news, working hand in hand with the traitors around Reagan, the “Iran Contra gang,” never told the world what Pollard was about.
Demonstrators hold signs of Jonathan Pollard as they attend a protest calling for his release, outside the President’s house in Jerusalem, where Peres met with US congressmen, August 17, 2011. Pollard is a former civilian intelligence analyst who was convicted of spying for Israel. He received a life sentence in 1987, in the United States.
Pollard accessed two main areas, the NOC (non-official cover) agent list and key American nuclear secrets.  These were stolen, not for Israeli security, but handed over to Netanyahu who sent them to Russia.  Israel had been spying on the US on behalf of the Soviet Union since the 1950s, an effort led by British born Zionist William Fisher, better known under his cover name of “Rudolf Abel.”  Abel was traded back to the Soviets in trade for U2 pilot Francis Gary Powers but Abel or Fisher was always Israeli.
From 1969 onward, over 1 million Russian “Jews,” many of them not Jews at all in any way, emigrated to Israel, “payback” for Israel’s role in Soviet spying efforts, led first by Fisher and then by Netanyahu and Pollard.  This population, nearly half of whom are settled illegally on the occupied West Bank, has given Netanyahu’s extremist coalition total control of Israel and has created the pariah police state that has plunged the Middle East into decades of conflict.
Pollard’s material led to the capture and torture of 1200 CIA agents and assets around the world, many behind the Iron Curtain, that and the virtual assurance that the Soviets would win a nuclear war against the US in a devastating “first strike.”  This is what Netanyahu did so many years ago and he is far from finished.
Netanyahu is a prisoner of history, his real mentor was Yuri Andropov, former KGB head, the man who suppressed the Hungarian uprising.  It was for Andropov, long an advocate of the destruction of the US to save the Soviet state, the Soviet “bolshevik/Zionist” state as many saw it, that led to the secret partnership between Tel Aviv and Moscow.  After all, Israel was established by communists and to this day is very much the “socialist paradise” that Khrushchev promised for the Russian people so many decades ago.
This history sets up dangerous ground for Russia and Putin and may well have created key vulnerabilities as well, ones that could and maybe will bring it all crashing down on us when the storm hits.

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