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His previous report, parts of which were shared on this same show was staggeringly accurate about some things, which didn’t seem to be evident at the time but which came true, including the election of Donald Trump as President and other uncanny details.
So, here’s an outline of the transcript below, edited for clarity:
  • 20,000 DOW = $600/oz SILVER
So, let’s get into it:
We actually have a forecast for a sort of an Israeli freak-out or mental breakdown that will occur, that we’ll see the manifestation of in mid-February and it’s going to be a akin to a spat and a series of skirmishes that will be economic, so the chaos part has started but the results will come on in a while.
I don’t have any issues showing up within the datasets that suggest we’re going to have a curtailment of the emotional trends that we have now. This is another way of saying, I don’t have anything that says: “Hard stop: Trump’s assassinated.” I don’t have that.
If i had to actually back my data with real money, like this piece of silver, I would be willing to bed that the inauguration part goes through as smoothly, as it is it’s possibly going to, given the emotional datasets we’re dealing with now.
As to the economy – we’re screwed that way. If you’re asking if there will there be a crash – there already IS a crash. Everybody that’s not part of the financial system, at the top is currently living in a depression and the media does not acknowledge this.
So, for instance, the reason that you can get all the people in West Virginia to be sucking down all of this synthetic opium all the time is because they’re back into the Appalachian 1930s depression levels, there and no one even talks about it.
The fact that is not discussed is what is so hurtful and so harmful to the overall USA body-politic, because it’s a terrible thing to know that there’s no job that you can find. You’re young man, you’re trying to support yourself, maybe get out of your parents basement, maybe you’re involved with someone,  trying to create a family and you can’t find work and you can’t  find people to offer to train you for skills or anything – and yet at the same time, it is denied that the reality that you experience is REAL, because everybody says ‘We’re in Recovery’ and all this kind of thing.
So the mechanism is coming unglued, at the body-politic level. We’re in a depression NOW, unless you’re attached to the Federal Reserve’s tit. Unless you’re sucking money out of their system, you’re off on the outside – you’re starving and there’s very little hope. So, to say there’s going to be an equities crash is meaningless to all of us that are not participating in that paper. To say that there’s going to be an economic crash is old news to all of us that are living in a situation where there’s no jobs and there’s no hope for work.
As a linguist, I get really a little irritated, as far as ‘crash’ goes. Yes, there are signs that the equities market is going to go over 20,000 and then pull back – but it isn’t meaningful? I don’t think, except for the hundred thousand computers that are trading stocks with each other!
At that level, the dollar is much more important, because it’s the purchasing power that the masses of the USA have to exist with, at he moment. That purchasing power is going to be eroded away fairly quickly.
I suspect that the erosion is going to start in March or so. So, if we want to call it a ‘crash’, I would say that’s our best timing for an opportunity and it may, indeed involve the equities, at that point.
But basically, who cares? They’re not really meaningful, in a retirement sense for anybody that’s saving for retirement through them, because the equity market is not a realistic gauge of how you’re going to have spending power when you attempt to tap into that.
It’s a very complex subject and you get back into the meaning of it all but I would have to say that the turning point of the Trump euphoria and that kind of stuff will hit at the very end of February and will carry us through March and April and there will be probably people that will define it as a ‘crash’.
As to whether this year will be a big pivotal point for the US dollar, yeah, we have something that that basically is an echo of the first three or four months of Reagan’s period related to the economy and the dollar. What we don’t have is the saving of the dollar that came out of Reagan’s time.
In our datasets, around March or April, the erosion of the dollar continues in order to try and offset that in a laggardly way, the Federal Reserve’s starts trying to chase interest rates. Your friend’s suggestion nine percent i would say that probably is a little tiny bit low, in the sense that the real shock, maybe at 9.5% or 10% and will probably jump to that. We may jump to it as quickly as March or April.
As for the interest rates, we don’t have a number – numbers rarely come up in the in the words that were sifting for and yet numbers are ubiquitous and power the Internet, so we have to scrub out most of the numbers. I don’t really trust digits that show up in our datasets, so it has to be spelled out, actually literally, as language. So, I don’t have anything for the end of the year, relative to that.
So whatever the solution is that’s proffered by The Powers That Be for developing some economic crises over summer and into August, it’s not going to be a result in language about, say twenty percent interest rates. If we do have twenty percent interest rates and a period of time the emotional waiting of the language we have now, in terms are forecast would suggest it would be so minor is to not really make much of a splash.
If we had 20% interest rates that were effective at mortgage rates in September
the way that just data is being described the for the financial system that’s a minor thing – because who cares about the interest rate, if the real estate market crashed four months previously, to the point where nobody’s buying houses, anyway?
We actually do have a lot of data sets about regional banks, both dollar-dealing banks, so not only the USA but also Australia and Canada. There’s a slop over there, because they’re the Canadians call their money the “Loony” but it’s also called the Canadian dollar and so we have the same us with the Australian dollar, so it’s difficult to tease those out those out, at times, out of the sets.
So, at the moment, we had datasets around the dollar, that by the time we get into, say midsummer, we should be able to look back over the previous couple of months and say, ‘Wow! Look what happened to the real estate market!’
I think prices, in dollar amounts will drop and I think that that will drop as a result of the regional banks and what I’m calling a ‘credit freeze’. The spigot of the loans will be turned off. So, the banks are loaning, to a level never before imagined and thus you may keep lowering the nominal value of your house but there’s no takers because they can’t get financed, even if they were financeable.
We have actual language to the effect that people with cash will be in the driver’s seat. The currency credit freeze keeps coming back to currency – so it is it gets complicated but within the banks is going to be such that the banks that have foreclosures that they nominally own, they’re gonna dump them on the market to try and raise some capital – it shows up as the word ‘cash’ like, ‘We really need the cash in our system,’ that sort of thing.
So, the datasets are putting out language that say a places, like California and a few other places around the nation, in terms of the USA are going to have a cash crisis, such that the banks will be discounting and at the house just getting the foreclosure out on the market and then they’ll advertise that they’ll discount that. In other words, they’re going to say, ‘Here’s a house for X amount of dollars and will finance you,’ and then. “Hey, if we don’t have to finance you and you’ve got cash, why we’ll lob thirty percent off,’ that kind of thing.
We’ve had long-term datasets that suggests that the generation of the Millennials, at some point in the future, so probably 10 years out, maybe we’ll be looking at 90% off the peak [in home prices]. In terms of nominal dollar amounts – with an adjusted dollar, so I don’t know what that means, in terms of what the purchasing power of the dollar might be.
The datasets have been describing this kind of strange property market crash – and by property, it’s a broader definition, that includes not only raw land but also houses and also commercial. A lot of language is taken from the foreign descriptions of the property market, so we get ‘property ladder’ in there, because that term is used in England and Australia and  to the lesser extent, in Canada.
The language is about the high-end crashing first, such that it gets down to a certain level and then it meets the the middle-tier and then they crash, to meet the lower tier. So, it’s not going to be just the high-end coming down and then everything stabilizing. We’re seeing a generalized, nominal property price crash that is going to coincide with the inability of the banks to circulate enough money to create enough debt to blow the balloon up, again.
We get some language about a bank holiday but not about a coordinated day or coordinated period of time. Rather, it appears as though local and regional banks fail. Some of them get shuttered. Literally, they shut all the doors and then it’s a chaos, as the the next year up tries to absorb them.
While that’s going on, we have other areas, where banks and effectively do shut themselves, temporarily trying to recover, so you have that kind of chaos. We don’t have an organized thing from the Federal Reserve saying, ‘Okay, on this day, everybody shuts down for even two or three or four days,’ although the net effect is probably that same thing in the overall term of language – but we’re talking about something that’s spread out over a lot of months.
As to whether there will be a significant crash before Trump is inaugurated, let’s be very selective in our terms, here. I’m not saying that the equities are gonna march down from 19,000 into somewhat of a much lower number but what I am sure what we do have and our datasets show that there’s a lot of upward pressure on gold and silver and Bitcoin, as the currencies going to a crisis mode, that basically is already happening now.
I had language about what we’re going to come to call ‘Flashies’. They’re gonna be so many of these flash-crashes, that they’re gonna start calling them ‘flash-crashies’. This was pretty clear and we also had data showing that there was going to be one of these things before the first part of January – and lo, and behold this morning, when I get up, in the news there was a flash crash of the dollar and so here we have a Web Bot hit in a very prescient manner, because I was able to get the report out, that day. Before that occurred, there was no language anywhere; yesterday or the day before about having a flash-crash. It was truly prescient language that came out.
Now, another part of that prescience is that we’re going to have these flashes, as a repeated part of the repeated component of our technological age, here going forward, for at least the next few months and so we are going to have these, especially as we move into January.
We also have January 8th through the 12th as being a period of upset in global markets. Now, by this, though we were talking more about bonds and derivatives and currencies, that is to say what they call the foreign exchange market, the FX market, we’re talking more about those than we are about equities.
We’re talking less about silver and gold than we are about currencies, because they’re more manipulated and there’s actually less language that we’ve got that they’ll be as wild as the gyrations that were likely to see in other things.
So, one thing that I would take it as a sign of a crash, even though it wouldn’t look like it, would be a sudden spike upward in the in the value of Bitcoin in Chinese rmb or yuan and it’s corresponding sudden spike upward in US dollar amounts. That that’s a real good sign these days, in our in our global manipulated markets, that we’re looking at an economic event or financial system event underway, in real-time.
Now, I say real-time, because Bitcoins are traded in real-time fashion 24/7. It is manipulated, to a minor small extent – but it costs the manipulators real Bitcoin to do the manipulation, so it’s not controlled, the way silver and gold are.
My predictions on Bitcoin have been much more accurate than those on silver and gold,  relative to price, because it is not so easily-controlled. Thus, the new prediction, since we have are showing a swapping over to rmb, as China takes over the emotional control, if you will, of the Bitcoin world and a lot of their rush into that is fear about the currencies.
China is going to get really freaked-out – and we showed, going between the 8th through the 12th, there’s going to be something in there, where China is gonna get really freaked-out about the value of their own currency and there’s gonna be more than a tendency to rush into Bitcoin.
Now, at some point this year, China the official authorities are going to just give in to that and there’s going to be a change in their official approach to this whole thing. China’s going to rush out, because of the way they do things, the Chinese authorities know their existence, their lives depend on the on the health, wealth and happiness of the people below them.
Somebody is going to come up with an idea to extend a digital currency and Bitcoin – and we have the language there – to people who trade goats now and the idea is that China, along with their silk road train from Beijing to Berlin is going to extend out fiber optics and bring in over a billion people into the Internet in the shortest possible time, maybe less than a year.
At the same time, they’re going to spread the Bitcoin ethos through there. So, it’s just gonna be quite staggering, now that probably won’t happen until later in the year maybe on, this summer but we do have that in the datasets.
The Trump euphoria at the beginning of the year may be reflected in equities but it won’t be reflected in the things like the bonds and the derivatives and this sort of thing and that’s where the trouble is going to come from.
So, I’m looking at at Bitcoin prices as my only even close-to-unmanipulated metric, as to what’s going on in the global economy. Bitcoin, because it’s not manipulated, it’s going to reflect fear it’s going to go have people flood into it. Prices of Bitcoins are going to skyrocket because they can’t really hold them back.
Back when I first started this work, in 1997, it had been my goal to make a big pile of dollars by using this approach: to predict which way the stock market was going to go, because at the time, I was under the understanding that, there were enough retail investors that I could game with their emotional direction.
Since then, the data is always had a strong component for the dollar in there that’s been very predictive of major dollar crashes – and we’re getting a culmination of a lot of these things, in these recent datasets, relative to the dollar, silver and gold.
Let me state that there is a corollary or a postulate: that we have within our datasets, that the longer something appears in the datasets with consistent growth behind it or even your regular but persistent growth, the more impact it will have and the stronger that it’s an eventuality to appear, even if the timing is off.
Another way of looking at it is, if you’re going to get hit by a a little tiny bit of future knowledge, you’re going to get a little tiny bit of a ping, so to speak. But if it’s gonna be a big thing, that’s gonna affect lots of people, it will sort of roll over you.
20,000 DOW = $600/oz SILVER
So now, we’ve had that big thing coming at us, since 2003, that I kept describing as the ‘Dollar Death’ and at about that point, I got on the radio and I made this connection, at that time in the 2000s of between 20,000 Dow and $600 silver – and at the time, from that point on, for the next 10 years.
I got a huge amount of trouble for making those two statements but those were the only numbers I had. I didn’t have a timing on them could but I knew it would be associated with some stuff that would have happened in the near the autumnal equinox, after that, in November and so uh we’re at that point, now, where all this stuff is culminating and here we are, getting close to the 20,000 Dow but we have not achieved the $600 per ounce silver.
However, the datasets are suggesting that the temporal link that was noted, way back then, almost 20 years ago is still valid and that we’re going to go through a period of time, where silver, in a very short period of time, apparently – and that might be within these next six months – where globally,there’s going to be a huge divergence in silver.
Now, the reason we’re concentrating on silver has to do with its value, relative to the average paycheck, globally. Because people are not in a position – excepting in places like India and China – to buy gold. It’s easier, cheaper, more available to buy silver – and there’s also another component to this idea that they’re going to confiscate gold is naturally going to force people to think about silver.
So we get this a emotional boom for silver, that begins almost on the very first day of January, I think. It’s probably the second or third trading day, that we see this and it’s coincident with this rising silver is coincident with a forecast rise in the price of Bitcoin and its forecast connection between that and the Dow at 20,000.
Now, all those years back, our view of this particular time was not so granulated, that we could say, ‘20,000 Dow and $600 silver, four days later.’ We didn’t have that. We had ‘20,000 Dow and $600 per ounce silver, clumped into something that we knew was an amorphous mass, that was out a number of years’ – and that’s as close as we had – but we knew those two were to temporally tied together; they were tied together in time.
So now, we’re seeing all kinds of language come out, about multiple hundred-dollar silver and and the difference between them within our datasets. So, the expectation is, that we may see $125 an ounce silver. If we do see that, here in the United States, that data is saying that the real price of that silver will be over a hundred dollars different, outside of our borders and may approach something closer to the real price of silver in our borders – but that it will be on a delivered-in-hand or grey market kind of a thing and will not necessarily reflect what’s going on, in the paper markets.
What we may see here, maybe something like $25 silver in the in the US paper markets – but $125, to get that same ounce of silver, actually in your hands, here in the US. But outside the US, somebody might be willing to pay $345 dollars for that same ounce of silver, should you be able to get it to them – and it will be due to the way that in which our dollar and our paper system is structured and controlled – but that shows as lasting very few months.
If i had to guess, it doesn’t appear to survive much past the first part of August. Then, the market will go to ‘no offer’ – then, the datasets basically say, you just won’t be able to get hold of any. The whole market just kind of moot – and there’s there’s the rub. We have all kinds of language about a gold and silver taxation attempts and a form of confiscation, in the broader global population.
I have some hints that there’s going to be those kind of attempts, here in the United States, as well but I don’t have any clear language as to when this is going to start, because we end up with this rather chaotic period, that’s going be from – linguistically – that’s going to be through summer, Northern Hemisphere, through to the Autumnal Equinox.
As to gold, we still have support building for our previous discussion, where gold will equal the Dow. There’s language in there, showing that an ounce of gold is going to be able to buy the Dow and that will occur sometime after the Autumnal Equinox – or near that period of
time. Now, we also have other stuff at that point, suggesting that the Dow might well be a $125,000 to purchase it – whatever it is composed of.
So, they may change the different companies in there and there’s all different kinds of strange stuff, relative to the layout of our economy and what’s going on in that this deep, dark what we call the ‘Woo-Woo’ level; the officially denied, unknown, UFOs, strange spooky stuff humans can’t explain, that does not come up in the academic a paradigm.
I’m suggesting very strongly, with this very large report – and we ran a lot of extra pages in this report even with the ones i had to cut out – but i’m suggesting very strongly, that from 2017 onward, that are our mutual friend, Bill Holter: I think his truth bombs are going start coming out – and it’s not going to be limited to just the economy.
We’re going to get something that we can describe, in a loose way as Disclosure that ‘Woo-Woo’ is is moving into a more dominant on a consciousness or awareness level, from this point onward, in social networks.
That aliens are real is old news and prosaic. It may even be stranger than the idea that they may be controlling us. A lot of the stuff is going to come out of what we’re calling ‘The Discovery,’ simply because it’s going to make such a huge difference to humanity over these next 30, 40, 50 years. In our in our reports, it’s describing a world that we don’t actually live in right at this moment but there were transitioning into – if accurate.
If these predictions are accurate, they have appeared to be developing that way, especially around those things that are not manipulated. The actual appearance of climate, weather the appearance of new property, new lands rising; all these are forecast. The ‘rain bombs’, the lakes and rivers in the sky, suddenly dumped out on us; the sudden freezing of whole herds of animals – all these things were forecast, years before they occurred within our datasets and described, now following that same Woo-Woo trend, of basically science fiction.
That’s what we call this report: ‘The Sci-Fi World,’ because we’re going to be getting into a world in which the past expectations of even things like physics or weather or climate cannot be relied upon to be persistent into the future and so our future is going to involve re-looking at a human history, that will go back 7,000 years, that’s going to upset a lot of people, whose thinking is so rigid, that they’re not going to be able to accept the developing reality around them.
We also are suggesting that a lot of this is going to come from this discovery that has already occurred in Antarctica – probably occurred 20 years ago and we’re just now going to start hearing about it over these next few years we now have physical, political, economic evidence that a lot of our forecast about Antarctica  – bear in mind, something that I need to point out: When I first started my reports, the very first run I ever did, focusing in, on trying to make money in the stock market, two things came up that absolutely shocked me. One of them was the Sun, the big scary ball in the sky. The other was Antarctica. They were there, all through that first dataset – and from that point on, I was so intrigued, that I forgot about the stock market stuff and I went out into the Woo-Woo world.
Now, we’re getting to the point, where the data is saying Woo-Woo is going to start kicking ass and taking names. It’s going to start dominating; we’re going to start seeing the real information about where our trillions of missing dollars are slowly percolate out.
We’re going to see new inventions, pouring out all over the place, as they’ve been officially allowed to, because we need them now and a lot of this is going to pivot around whatever it is that’s been discovered in Antarctica.
I think the giant pyramids that are three and four times the size – and in one case, maybe 20 times the size of the largest pyramid in the Giza Plateau. I think these pyramids in Antarctica contain stuff that’s going to tell us a lot more real information about our history than we could ever imagine and I also think these pyramids go back to the other half of this precessional cycle and maybe all the way through it, so at least on the order of 12,000 if not 21,000 years.
So our ideas of who we are, how we came to be and what we need to be thinking about, as humans are actually involved in this report, in a way I never anticipated.
Let me also state that when I go into doing the interpretation in these reports, I don’t really have a clue, as to what we’re going to be looking at, other than those dominant sets that may have appeared in previous reports. So, I go to look to see what’s happening in the USA but it can change from month to month to month.
We also had this weird situation developing in our work here, that took about five years to mature and I discussed it, over the period of time in radio interviews and even wrote articles about it. I call this ‘context change’ that occurred in the early 2000s couldn’t figure it out. I just knew there was something big coming, we were all going to reel under it but I couldn’t get get a handle on it, linguistically – but it was going to change the context around a lot of words that we ended up using.
Long story short, it turned out to be the undocumented workers coming out and saying, ‘We’re here. We’re not going to go away. You’ve got to deal with this.’ Basically, ‘You’ve got to change your context of thinking and deal with us as real humans, in the here-and-now, not gloss us over, with all of this paper illusion that we don’t exist.’ And so that context changed for the USA. That’s a huge, massive population; 350 million people and their mental structures of whether they were an undocumented worker or not – they all had to change. We all had to reshape our thoughts around that language, to embrace what had just happened. This context changed in our datasets.
We’re in the midst of one of those, right now, only it it started way back before I even started this word problem with Antarctica with the president going down there, Kerry going down there other dignitaries going to Antarctica – it’s spooky, it’s weird science fiction, it’s Woo-Woo and there is detail like you wouldn’t believe. There was so much stuff about Antarctica, I got sick looking at the data and and it’s just going to get bigger.
There are cities underneath the ice, right now. There are giant voids in there, that are so tall, that you could stack the Eiffel Tower on top of itself three and four and five times and not even touch the top of this void. These voids run over long rivers. The rivers are at 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and they’ve melted the ice and created these a giant warm air-filled pockets, that run throughout all of Antarctica. They’re just now talking about them.
There’s an old civilization down there, there’s stuff that’s been under the ice, that is showing up in our datasets, it’s affecting our technological future, from 2017 onward. We’re seeing this stuff leaked out. Now, in our language. We have a lot of release language now about Antarctica.
We’ve got a lot of people wondering basically as we just said, why Kerry, why did the Popes go down there? why did Obama go to Patagonia and then sneak over there? Why are all these are people going to Australia and sneaking over to Antarctica? What possible reason could Obama have to go look at ice in Antarctica?
He knows what ice is like, a swirling around in his drinks. He’s from Hawaii. He’s is just not the extreme sport-loving fellow – and even Kerry, who rides a bicycle and does, at least exercise a serious level – is not your extreme sport, ‘Let’s go out and climb mountains for the fun of it’ kind of guy. So, why did he go there on the critical day of his Party’s Election?
So it gets really spooky, when you start meeting reports. So if you’re gonna buy our report and think it’s all about the economics, at one level, you’re correct because that affects all of us; we’re all living in a depression. But also, there’s this whole Woo-Woo component, that’s really bubbling to the surface.
Part of this is, I was just gonna bring this up and it’s going to sound really strange but if you’re as old as I am, you remember this movie, ‘2001 a Space Odyssey’. Go back to the beginning of the movie. There were these cavemen that were digging up an obelisk and we see the obelisk on Earth, and then we see him digging it up on the Moon.
What we’re getting now is datasets that would basically describe people digging something up in Antarctica that is Solar System-effective, so to speak – Solar System-involving. So, we’re not really getting pictures of people digging and in terms of the descriptions. What we’re getting is descriptions about the massive logistical effort. It’s going to take greater than 10 years to do, to build-out bases in Antarctica and Patagonia, to get down into Antarctica, to start getting the wealth out of whatever it is they found.
We’ve got datasets in there that are suggesting – and it could be totally wrong, it can be totally screwed, OK, very rarely has that happened but it’s happened before – we could be really wrong on this – but the datasets are suggesting that whatever the discovery is down there, is going to be a source of wealth for the greater part of humanity, for perhaps hundreds of years.
So, a staggering kind of a find. We’re not talking about a big patch of oil, We’re not talking about a resource, in the sense of a big chunk of gold. The datasets have actually described this stuff is not precious metals – but precious technology.
As to predictions of war, it’s not what you anticipate. The war that we’re seeing described is more of a war between clashing elites and not so much clashing soldiers on the ground, at the behest of those elites. So, the war could be described as a political battle between existent power cliques or power clubs and it’s gonna get really bloody and nasty and so on but we don’t have anything that says that Russia’s going to lob nukes at us. We don’t have anything that says that the United States to be super aggressive.
As a matter of fact, we actually have stuff that suggests that the United States could run into an economic problem this year or into 2018, it’s going to be so severe that the issue of base closings is going to come up in a way that it used to be felt in the 1950s, when the US Army tried to close bases down after the war, to and consolidate and save money and it would cause huge amounts of angst in local communities, as they saw their primary source of income going away.

We have that huge amounts of angst language showing now – but around the whole planet – as the United States contracts, due to what’s going on to the economics. So we don’t have language that says we don’t even have the economics to support war!

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