Wednesday, June 28, 2017

MATTHEW JAMISON --Theresa May's Dirty DUP Deal

Theresa May's Dirty DUP Deal

Theresa May's Dirty DUP Deal

Theresa May has finalized a shameful and disgraceful deal with Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party to help her cling on to power and prop up her minority Tory Government. Never in Mrs. May's wildest nightmares could she have imagined when she called the ghastly 2017 General Election in a naked power grab for a landslide majority, she would be returned to 10 Downing Street having lost seats with a share of the national vote only 2% higher than Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, and no majority of her own to govern effectively in the House of Commons.
So she has had to buy votes from one of the most right-wing, racist, homophobic, sexist, Islamophobic, sectarian and backwards parties in all of the UK. What can one say about the DUP? They are a freak circus of inarticulate, antediluvian bigots who exist in the stone ages. The DUP have a long history of close links and associations with the Protestant colonist terrorist «loyalists» of Northern Ireland. The loyalist terrorists started the conflict in Northern Ireland not the IRA. It was the virulently anti-Catholic sectarian DUP and their allies in the loyalist terrorist groups such as the UVF, UFF and UDA who waged a vicious campaign of violence, civil disobedience and discrimination against the Roman Catholic, Irish nationalist minority in Northern Ireland from the early 1960s onwards in much the same way white supremacists in the United States fought against the Civil Rights Movement led by Martin Luther King. 
The DUP under their abominable Cult leader, the maniac «Reverend» Ian Paisley, opposed every single initiative and proposal to bring peace between the warring communities of Northern Ireland up until 2007 when Ian Paisley was able to become First Minister. Paisley's road to Damascus was about forty years in the making and because of him and his politics of bigotry/fear and his methods of whipping up the uneducated Protestant loyalist masses, quite a lot of innocent people lost their lives during that period. The members of the DUP are quite a motley crew. We have the former DUP Leader and First Minster Peter Robinson and his wife Iris. Mrs. Robinson had to resign her seat in disgrace from the House of Commons and her membership of the DUP was terminated when it came to light she had an extramarital affair with a 19-year-old in 2008 and she and her husband were faced with allegations of financial impropriety related to the affair. 
The Robinsons were also major culprits in the 2009 Parliamentary expenses scandal. Mr. Robinson has had a long history of being involved with loyalist terrorists and was involved in a financial scandal of his own while stating that he: »wouldn't trust Muslims devoted to Sharia Law, but I would trust them to go down to the shops for me». Another DUP MP a Mr. Sammy Wilson has been embroiled in a racist scandal of his own. Ironically for the DUP which is militantly anti-gay quite a few of their members are repressed homosexuals. Then we have their current leader a Ms. Arlene Foster who gave away half a billion pounds in public money to her cronies in the infamous «Cash for Ash» scandal. If this had happened in China, Ms. Foster would be in jail, not handed a further 1 Billion Pounds of public money by Theresa May to waste, as she wasted the last Half a Billion Pounds.

Former CIA Employee Explains 'Dirty Little Secret' of US Mainstream Media

    Fake news

    Former CIA Employee Explains 'Dirty Little Secret' of US Mainstream Media

    © Photo: Pixabay
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    Notwithstanding the scandal blowing up around CNN over its outright false coverage of 'Russia-Trump collusion', the mainstream US media's narrative on Russia isn't going anywhere anytime soon, says former CIA analyst and author John Kiriakou.

    CNN is in trouble. Facing scandal Monday with the resignation of three staffers following the retraction of a story alleging ties between Russia and President Donald Trump's transition team, the broadcaster was hit with a second humiliating blow Tuesday, after a CNN producer was caught on camera admitting that the Russia-Trump narrative was "bullsh*t" used to score ratings.
    Speaking to Russian media about the scandal, John Kiriakou, a former US intelligence officer turned whistleblower, explained that unfortunately, the blow to CNN's reputation following revelations of dishonesty and misreporting aren't going to stop the mainstream media's claims of collusion between Russia and President Trump.
    "The dirty little secret of the American media is that it's all corporatist, it's all owned by gigantic companies and all they care about is the financial bottom line," Kiriakou said, speaking to RT.
    "They have to be more and more explosive in their stories, and sometimes the truth gets lost in those stories," he added.
    In his hidden camera interview with Project Veritas, CNN supervising producer John Bonifield admitted that the reason the broadcaster continues to circulate the Trump-Russia collusion story is that the story sells, lack of proof notwithstanding.
    Boasting about the network's "incredible" ratings, Bonifield explained that CNN's goal was to make money, not conform to journalistic ethics standards. "All the nice cutesy little ethics that used to get talked about in journalism school, you're like, 'that's adorable'…This is a business," he said.

    Berlin Police Car File Photo‘They Were Bored’: Public Sex, Parties Get 220 Berlin Officers Booted from G20

      Berlin Police Car File Photo

      ‘They Were Bored’: Public Sex, Parties Get 220 Berlin Officers Booted from G20

      © AP Photo/ Michael Sohn
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      Hundreds of Berlin-based police officers, deployed in Hamburg to assist with security for the upcoming G20 summit, have been returned to their home city following accusations of intoxication, public sex and misuse of firearms.

      Ahead of the July 7-8 annual G20 summit of world leaders, this year hosted in Hamburg, teams of police forces from around Germany have been brought to the city to enhance security operations for the event.
      But the waiting is the hardest part, and an estimated 220 Berlin officers have been sent home after members of their troupe were accused of having sex in public, brandishing their weapons while off duty and generally being drunk as lords.
      A spokesperson for the Berlin police force, while not exactly apologizing, expressed frustration with the behavior of the officers, declaring, "you can't just have sex out in the open!"
      "They were bored. There was no television," the spokesperson offered by way of an explanation, adding, "This behavior is embarrassing for the Berlin police."

      Understanding Russia: The Continuum of History

      7183 ViewsJune 20, 2017 31 Comments
      by Yameen Khan
      The United States is actively committed to bring Russia into submission via encirclement and a two pronged attack.
      NATO’s expansion of bases in vassal states right up to Russia’s borders, coupled with an attempt at encroachment in Syria, should allow The Hegemon to undermine Russia’s underbelly from the Caucasus to Central Asia.
      To understand how Russians usually respond to Western power a little time travel, starting 1219 AD, is more than useful.
      This was a time when a cataclysmic event left deep scars on the Russian character; an abiding fear of encirclement, whether by nomadic hordes then or by nuclear missile bases today.

      Russia then was not a single state but consisted of a dozen principalities frequently at war with each other. Between 1219 and 1240 all these fell to the Genghis Khan hurricane, whose lightning-speed cavalry with his horse-borne archers, employing brilliant tactics unfamiliar to Europeans, caught army after army off guard and forced them into submission.
      For more than 200 years Russians suffered under the Golden Horde of the Mongol – named after their great tent with golden poles. They left the Russian economy in ruins, brought commerce and industry to a halt, and reduced Russians to serfdom. Asiatic ways of administration and customs were superimposed on the existing Byzantine system.
      Taking full advantage of its military weakness and of its reduced circumstances, Russia’s European neighbors started to help themselves to its territory, starting with German principalities, Lithuania, Poland, and Sweden. The Mongols couldn’t care less so long as they received their tribute. They were more concerned with their Asiatic dominions.
      Still, European cities did not match the riches of Samarkand and Bukhara, Herat and Baghdad, whose incomparable wealth and splendor outshone wooden-built Russian cities.
      Russia’s greatest fear begins here – crushed between their European foes to the West and the Mongols to the East. Russians were to develop a paranoid dread of invasion and encirclement which has tormented their foreign relations ever since. Hardly ever has an experience left such deep and ever-lasting scars on a nation’s psyche as this cataclysm did on Russians. This explains, among other things, their stoical acceptance of harsh rule at home.~

      Oliver Stone: I'm enclosing for your comments some thoughtful reactions to the film.

      I’m enclosing for your comments some thoughtful reactions to the film. Too many notices, I thought, were politically motivated and/or hateful of Putin to an extreme degree, picturing him solely as a villain without a soul. It’s truly, in our time, something out of Orwell’s “Hate Week.” How does this help the world’s situation? Is it Russia that is disbalancing it or is it truly the United States? Why is it that these types of people in media power are against any kind of improvement in relations between our countries?
      In any case, Showtime was very pleased with the results, and the series continues on Showtime Anytime. I’m now in France where there’s been a ton of coverage, and we’re on France 3 beginning last night. We were on Sky in England and Germany, and in September will be on RAI in Italy. More to come.
      Also enclosed are a few words spoken by me at Bob Parry’s event in Washington two weeks ago honoring the memory of Gary Webb.
      Variety: “TV Review: Oliver Stone’s ‘The Putin Interviews’” --
      The Guardian: “The Putin Interviews review – first Oliver Stone loses. Then the gloves come off” --
      The Guardian: “Oliver Stone on Vladimir Putin: The Russian people have never been better off” --
      Forbes: “In Latest Interview with Oliver Stone, Putin Airs It Out on Neocons, Hillary” --
      Forbes: “In Final Oliver Stone Interview, Putin Predicts When Russia-US Crisis Ends” --
      The New Republic: “Natural Born Buddies: The Shared Ideology of Oliver Stone and Vladimir Putin” --
      The Duran: “25 things revealed about Vladimir Putin by Oliver Stone in the Putin Interviews” --
      Salon: “Oliver Stone’s Putin Puzzle: An evil genius who made history, or a shrewd, small-minded nonentity” --
      Consortium News: “Oliver Stone Receives Gary Webb Award” --


      2017 FSB Meeting - RO from Roberto Petitpas on Vimeo.




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